Dell has finally announced its latest UltraSharp Webcam designed for professional conference calls in Malaysia.

Dell UltraSharp Webcam 1

Aimed to bring DSLR levels of image quality in a small package, Dell has crammed a big Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor that is quite the size together with multi-element lenses to capture more light and delivering crystal clear video. To make sure you look on camera in every moment, the Digital Overlap HDR will automatically adjust the contrast range when the brightness level between you and the surrounding is off the charts so that everyone can see you even in low light situations.

Dell UltraSharp Webcam 2

As a peripheral aimed for business use, the Auto Framing feature will always keep you within the sights of the lens while 3 additional angle adjustments at 65°, 78°, and 90° together with 5x digital zoom enhances your overall video footage quality. For smart accessing, users will appreciate the Windows Hello + ExpressSign-in combo that logs them in within seconds on top of the motion sensor handles your presence and sends a login/logoff signal whenever you move in or out of its monitoring range.

Dell UltraSharp Webcam 3

The Dell UltraSharp Webcam also gained certifications for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, 2 of the most used video calling software on the planet right now and with its small cylindrical shape mountable on a wide range of monitors or the accompanied tripod, it touts itself as the one premium webcam you need for all occasions.


The Dell UltraSharp Webcam is available for purchase right now at the price of RM1,112 on Dell’s official website.


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