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GuliKit Universal Charging Dock 2

Review – GuliKit Universal Controller Charging Dock

We’ve reviewed a few GuliKit products here on this channel – and hey, we really like their stuff. And today, we’re adding another thing that we like into our list. This is the GuliKit Universal Controller Charging Dock. It’s a mouthful of name, but it has the codename NS23. But, it does whatever its name tells it does – and it did really well too.

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GuliKit Elves Pro controller header

Review – GuliKit Elves Pro game controller: Compact, featureful, and multi-platform

We’ve reviewed quite a number of game controllers – or gamepads, as some calls them – that are getting more and more ubiquitous. We have many gamepads nowadays that can connect and work across multiple different platforms. We reviewed the GuliKit King Kong Pro controller before, and today’s controller is pretty much the same controller but in a compact form factor.

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8bitdo SN30 Pro

Review – 8bitdo SN30 Pro multi-platform controller: Portable nostalgia

There is something about Nintendo and its products that has an everlasting yet memorable design. There are still many people hunting and collecting retro Nintendo hardware just for keepsake. With that in mind, there is a market for controllers that has the look and feel of these retro Nintendo controllers but with modern functions and compatibility. Introducing, the 8bitdo SN30 Pro controller which supports multiple platforms while looking like a SNES controller.

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Review – MSI FORCE GC30 Wireless Gamepad

We know that a lot of peripheral brands are making their own controllers – or as I call it, gamepads, for the past few years. MSI, who has a wide range of gaming peripherals, has entered the market for gamepads. They have two gamepads under the FORCE series – the GC30 wireless gamepad, and the GC20 wired gamepad. The only main difference here is the wireless connectivity.

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