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Patriot Burst SSD

Review – Patriot Burst 240GB SATA III SSD

For the past few years, SSDs have been popping out in the market left and right. With more competitors in the market, manufacturers have to offer something special to stand out. Patriot, a brand that’s focused on memory products, released the new Patriot Burst 2.5-inch SATA III SSD. Surprisingly, in terms of design, it looks quite similar to the Patriot Blast that we reviewed some time ago.

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Plextor M8SeY

Review – Plextor M8SeY NVMe SSD

NVMe SSDs have been getting more and more mainstream since last year – and Plextor is pushing these SSD to the market too. They’ve actually announced a family of SSDs within the Plextor M8Se series – the M8SeY PCIe-based that we have here, alongside with the M.2 variants M8SeG that has a heatsink and M8SeGN that comes without a heatsink.

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