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NVIDIA Reflex 00001

NVIDIA Reflex – what is it & how does it work???

While I was doing the review of the Acer Predator X28 monitor, I needed to learn more about NVIDIA Reflex before I can properly review the monitor. That led me down into a very deep rabbit hole – so I decided to do another video where we go through what is NVIDIA Reflex, what it does, how we can use it, and what impact it brings.

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Keyboard Warrior Ep01 Size Matters YT Thumb

Keyboard Sizes Explained

When you first get into the mechanical keyboard scene, chances are you might get intimidated by all the different keyboard sizes that are available in

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Type emojis Windows 10

How to type emojis quickly on Windows 10 with this hidden shortcut

I think at this point in time, it’s no surprise that emojis have pretty much taken over our lives. We use emojis on a nearly daily basis. Even the MacBook Pro 2016 was dubbed as the “emoji laptop” with the introduction of the Touch Bar which made typing emojis easier. On Windows 10, we don’t have the Touch Bar, but we have something else.

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Tutorial – ASUS Aura Creator for enhanced, customized RGB lighting

Back when we were reviewing the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502GU – which is one of my favorite laptops to date, we said that the Zephyrus M came with an RGB keyboard. What we didn’t elaborate on, is the new Aura Creator software that goes with the laptop to create the most magnificent lighting effect to your liking.

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