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ASUS Marshmellow Keyboard KW100

Quick overview – ASUS Marshmallow KW100 keyboard

If we are to look at the market of multi-connectivity keyboards that are vibrant in terms of colors and also affordable at the same time, then you need to look at the ASUS Marshmallow KW100 keyboard. It is priced at RM179 and looks rather… familiar.

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Keychron K2v2 5

Review – Keychron K2v2

The first generation of Keychron K2 was one of the most hyped mechanical keyboard from Keychron. It has received a lot of media coverage and

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For today, we’re finally the keyboard that we’ve come across in 3 different variations already. We first encountered it when we took a look at the ROG x Gundam desktop – that keyboard was the ROG STRIX SCOPE TKL but with a Gundam look. Then, we also showcased the ROG Moonlight White edition of peripherals – that keyboard is also the ROG STRIX SCOPE TKL. Finally – we’re going to review the ROG STRIX SCOPE NX TKL DELUXE.

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1stplayer UNI-Q

Review – 1stplayer UNI-Q + Gateron Yellow + Doubleshot PBT keycap kit

Since keyboards are such personal devices, it is best to get a keyboard that suits you the most. That is why custom mechanical keyboards are a thing and it’s gaining in popularity too – but the price for a custom mechanical keyboard tends to be very high. Then, 1stplayer up with the UNI-Q. It’s a keyboard case with pre-soldered SMD RGB LEDs and it is hot-swappable with multiple different switches too.

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