Tecware has been in the mechanical keyboard market for quite some time now and the announcement of the Tecware B68 mechanical keyboard has caught me by surprise. While the previous Tecware mechanical keyboards have largely focused on the mainstream users with typical features, the B68 packs some of the characteristics that are usually found on higher-end or custom mechanical keyboards.

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What you get in the box

Out of the box you’re getting:

  • Tecware B68 keyboard
  • 1.8m braided USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Keycap and switch puller
  • Additional escape keycap

Tecware B68

Tecware B68 20

As the name suggests, the B68 is a compact 68-key mechanical keyboard. This is currently the most popular layout as you are not sacrificing the arrow cluster by going 60%. This is a very interesting keyboard priced just under RM300 and we shall go through all the pros and cons.

There are two colour options available – black and white. The keyboard is using stock Gateron switches – Yellow, Brown and Black. Malaysians will only get the Gateron Yellow and Gateron Brown but you can change the switches as you like since it has modular switch sockets. There is no “best” switch since it is all about your personal preference.

Tecware B68 2

I’m glad that Tecware has decided to stick with the conventional keyboard case instead of the floating key design. Personally, I think this simply looks better.

Tecware B68 15

The plastic chassis has a minimalist design and the Tecware logo is even printed at the top for the stealthy look.

Tecware B68 18

Under the chassis, you’ll find four rubber feet without height adjustment.

Tecware B68 14

You can turn off the keyboard or switch between USB or Bluetooth mode. I don’t understand why they need to have OFF mode since switching to USB mode should turn off the Bluetooth. I had a couple of times forgot to switch to USB mode and plugging into the PC without any response.

Switching to Bluetooth mode will immediately trigger the pairing process and you can pair up to three devices for quick switching with FN + QWE shortcut. Personally, I would prefer a 2.4GHz dongle instead of Bluetooth for an even lower latency experience but Bluetooth allows versatile usage across different devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Tecware B68 19

The RGB backlight is bright at looks great with the white backplate and chassis.

Tecware B68 5

The stock keycaps are PBT double-shot with a rough sandy texture. Not too scratchy, just right for typing and gaming.


Tecware B68 8

There are seven screws securing the keyboard to the chassis.

Tecware B68 10

Some of the screws require you to remove the switch before you can unscrew it.

Tecware B68 11

That top row of switches is slightly annoying to remove as there is not enough room for the switch remover to fit in. You just have to force your way so that the clamp would go in.

The PCB has a north-facing switch layout and supports 5-pin switches. So those who are planning to use GMK or Cherry profile keycaps might encounter interference depending on which switch you’re using. The SMD LED is bright and colourful if you’re into RGB.

Removing the keyboard reveals a 2000 mAh battery taped to the bottom chassis. To my surprise, Tecware actually sandwiched a foam between the PCB and Plate. That explains why this keyboard sounds so good out of the box. The Gateron plate-mounted stabilizer is also factory-lubed for that smooth experience. I did not expect to see all these coming from a mass-produced mechanical keyboard you can buy off a shelf. In other words, you just need to add foam padding underneath the PCB, mod the stabilizers and it will further improve the typing experience.

Tecware B68 3

In conclusion, Tecware has done an excellent job with the B68. Priced at around RM279, this is an excellent choice for those who are looking for the best out of the box quality keyboard. If you have more budget, you can actually spend the additional money on modding the keyboard such as lubing and padding. Frankly speaking, this is one of the easiest recommendations for beginners to get started with mechanical keyboards.

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