Right amidst the month of July, we have Sun Cycle’s update bringing several new products into Malaysia. Let’s browse through them.

Fnatic Gear BOLT WIRELESS mouse

This week’s first product is the lightweight Fnatic Gear BOLT Wireless Gaming Mouse, which weighs only 69g in White and 67g in Black. The mouse is equipped with a PixArt 3370 Sensor and Kailh GM 8.0 switches. Aside from that, it can also deliver up to 210 hours of battery life on Bluetooth mode, making it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Tecware VXM Dual Chamber MATX Case

Up next, we have the Tecware VXM Dual Chamber MATX Case. Despite having a small footprint, the interior is quite spacious as it can accommodate a CPU Cooler up to 140mm in height and a 240mm radiator, or two 120mm fans if you’re not into liquid cooling.

The case also features the slide locking mechanism that eliminates the need for screws in all of its panels, which makes installation seamless and convenient.

ID COOLING Frostflow X 280 and SE 234 V2 ARGB

Moving on to the cooling section, there are two products coming from ID-Cooling. Let’s talk about the Frost Flow X 280 AIO liquid cooler first, it features two 140mm PWM fans that can spin up to 1600 RPM which ensures the radiator receives enough airflow. The PWM fans are also significantly quieter compare to the usual 120mm fans, making the liquid cooler a good option for those seeking a silent build.

As for the SE-234 V2 ARGB air cooler, it is able to provide the system with decent cooling as well as a bunch of ARGB lighting. It is something RGB enthusiasts should keep an eye out for as it might be the key to their ultimate aesthetic build.

Pricing and Availability

Good news this week as all the highlighted items are currently available on the market at the following prices:

  • Fnatic Gear BOLT Wireless Black/White — RM339
  • Tecware VXM Mesh Front Panel Black — RM209
  • Tecware VXM Mesh Front Panel White — RM219
  • Tecware VXM TG Front Panel Black — RM215
  • Tecware VXM TG Front Panel White — RM225
  • ID-Cooling Frostflow X 280 — RM249
  • ID-Cooling SE-234 V2 ARGB — RM139

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