Welcome back to the 70th edition of the Weekly Sun Cycle report, where they have brought in a bunch of new items. Let’s have a look at what’s on the table.

Glorious Model I 2 Wireless mouse

The first item this week is the Glorious Model I 2 wireless gaming mouse, which weighs 75g in a modular ergonomic design. The mouse is equipped with a BAMF 2.0 26K Optical Sensor with up to 210 hours of battery life and features 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.2 LE connectivity, 9 programmable buttons, as well as swappable magnetic side buttons.

MONTECH Air 903 Max PC case

Up next is the Air 903 Max from Montech, a mid-tower chassis that boasts a spacious interior to accommodate any new generation GPUs. It offers support for a 360mm radiator at both the top and front or 180mm in height for an air cooler. Plus, the case also has a mesh front panel that further boosts airflow to ensure the system runs at an optimal temperature.

Tecware VXM2 Dual Chamber ARGB MATX PC case

Following that is the Tecware VXM2 Dual Chamber ARGB MATX PC case, which is capable of holding up to 320mm GPU length, 155mm air cooler height, 160mm PSU length, as well as mATX motherboard. On top of that, it has 2 x Super Speed USB 3.0 and an audio jack combo for the I/O panel, alongside 2 x 3.5″ HDD, 1 x 2.5″ SSD, and 4 x PCIe expansion slots.

Tecware Eclipse ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler

Also from Tecware, we have the Eclipse ARGB liquid cooler that adopts an LCD screen for users to freely customize, combined with high-performance fans that operate at low noise levels below 30dB and a pure copper base for increased contact surface area.

Tecware Samsung MSI gaming monitors

Onto today’s final section, we have loads of new monitors from MSI, Samsung, and Tecware. To make things simple for you guys, here’s a list of the monitors’ specifications:

Tecware Prime F2716IQ27″ IPS panel QHD, 165Hz, 1ms Response Time, Flat, 100% sRGB, G-SYNC/FreeSync compatible
Samsung Odyssey G50A27″/32″ IPS panel QHD, 165Hz, 1ms Response Time, Flat, G-SYNC/FreeSync compatible, Pivot up to 90°
MSI MAG401QR40″ IPS panel UWQHD, 155Hz, 1ms Response Time, Flat, Adaptive Sync
MSI G274QRFW27″ IPS panel WQHD, 170Hz, 1ms Response Time, Flat, G-SYNC/FreeSync compatible
MSI PRO MP341CQ34″ VA panel UWQHD, 100Hz, 4ms Response Time, Curved, FreeSync compatible

Pricing and Availability

While the Glorious Model I 2 Wireless is still in its finalizing stage, Malaysians may now acquire all the items mentioned today at the following prices:

  • Montech Air 903 Max (Black/White) — RM329/RM349
  • Tecware VXM2 Dual Chamber MATX (Black/White) — RM189/RM199
  • Tecware Eclipse 240 LCD Screen Liquid Cooler (Black/White) — RM499/RM519
  • Tecware Eclipse 360 LCD Screen Liquid Cooler (Black/White) — RM569/RM589
  • Tecware Prime F2716IQ — RM789
  • Samsung 27″ Odyssey G50A — RM1,099
  • Samsung 32″ Odyssey G50A — RM1,299
  • MSI MAG401QR — RM1,999
  • MSI G274QRFW  — RM1,349
  • MSI PRO MP341CQ — RM1,199

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