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Cooler Master MM830

Review – Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse

Take a look at the variety of gaming mice available in the market right now. Most of them are about the same – the two clickers alongside with a clickable scroll wheel, a DPI cycle button (some with up/down button instead), and two side buttons. That is the most common mouse design nowadays but Cooler Master is here to spice things up with the MM830.

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GAMDIAS Hades M1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Unboxing & Review – GAMDIAS Hades M1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Back at Computex 2018, we visitied GAMDIAS’s booth and we got to experience their new wireless gaming mouse with Qi wireless charging. Those technologies are rather innovative to be implemented in a mouse. Months passed since Computex 2018 and now we got our hands on the new GAMDIAS Hades M1 – a wired/wireless gaming mouse that does not have Qi wireless charging.

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Razer Atheris

Review – Razer Atheris Wireless Mouse: For Work & Play

Razer is a gaming brand, we all know that. It’s even in their slogan – for gamers, by gamers. However, gamers need to work too. Hence, the Razer Atheris is born. It’s an in-between mouse that suits both game and work together at the same time. It’s a compact wireless mouse that is meant to be portable yet functional.

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Imperion Dragon Breath S600

Review – Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse

With the uprising living cost and never rising wage of the people in Malaysia, we see an influx of budget-friendly gaming peripherals coming up in Malaysia. Whilst they might not be as fancy as what brands like Cooler Master, Corsair and others can offer, they sure bring you the best for your buck. Enter Imperion’s Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse. Pssst.. there’s RGB!

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MSI Clutch GM70 Gaming Mouse Review

For those who have been looking at gaming peripherals scene for the past few years, then you might have heard or seen of the concept of a modular mouse. Mad Catz made this concept famous back in the days with the R.A.T. series of mice, but the entire concept has quiet down since. Now, MSI is taking a spin at it with the new Clutch GM70 gaming mouse.

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Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Flick Gaming Mouse

So we have another new line of peripherals to consider in 2016, a new brand based on a well-known e-sports team, Fnatic dubbed as “No BS Gaming Gear”. We were at the launch of the peripherals last January (you can check that out here) and we’re thankful for Fnatic Gear Malaysia for sending over the Flick, an optical sensor gaming mouse in their lineup for today’s review.

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