With the uprising living cost and never rising wage of the people in Malaysia, we see an influx of budget-friendly gaming peripherals coming up in Malaysia. Whilst they might not be as fancy as what brands like Cooler Master, Corsair and others can offer, they sure bring you the best for your buck. Enter Imperion’s Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse. Pssst.. there’s RGB!


Imperion Dragon Breath S600

So right off the bat, you’ll see the main features of this mouse being:

  • Omron 10 million switch
  • 6 Fully Programmable Buttons
  • 5 Levels DPI up to 4000
  • On-Board Memory

Pretty sure they meant Omron switches with 10 million clicks of lifespan.

If you must know, and if you know your mouse, this mouse uses the Avago 3050 sensor in which (according to the datasheet) it’s categorized as an entry-level gaming optical navigation sensor.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 1

Not only that, you can set 1000hz of report rate (it’s actually polling rate). Also, you can save all your profile settings in this mouse as there’s built-in 64kb of memory. So don’t worry about plugging it into another computer and lose your settings.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 3

Apart from the mouse, you’ll get the utility software in a form of a mini-CD.

Who uses mini-CD nowadays?

Design & Usage

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 5

Let’s talk about the cable first. The cable that comes attached to the mouse is braided, this means it’s not gonna wear out as fast as you think. Gold plated USB connectors also ensures longevity and it doesn’t corrode as fast. They’ve also provided a little cover in case you’re not using your mouse. Definitely not for low latency or whatever gimmick.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 7

The mouse design is pretty standard, with two programmable keys on the left side of the mouse. Sorry left-handed users, this mouse ain’t for you.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 9

Right on the front, you’ll see the Imperion logo and the mouse’s shape looks pretty similar to an ambidextrous design mouse.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 11

A more up-close look at the scroll wheel, you’ll see they’ve put in designs that go well with their overall aesthetics. The wheel is clickable as well like all mouse does nowadays. Right below the scroll wheel, you’ll get a DPI switcher, in which it’s programmable as well to other functions depending on your needs.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 13

Two large pads can be found at the bottom as well, with the sensor located towards the bottom pad.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 15

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 17

And of course, you can customize the colors as well!


Before I continue on about the software, I would like to highlight that as of now, there’s nowhere on their website that you can download this software. This means, if you lose your mini-CD, you’re toast. You might be able to get this from their importer/distributor, which is Nobel IT.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 19

The main menu of the software is pretty straightforward, on basic config tab, you can re-program your keys (6) on the left side. You’ll be able to adjust the DPI, polling/report rate and the RGB lighting on the right.Note on the bottom left side you can select which profile you would like to edit. Once the desired setting is done, you can just click on Apply and all profile settings will be stored into the mouse’s 64kb flash memory.

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 21

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 23

These are the number of options that you can choose from for the programmable keys. Not too shabby!

Review - Imperion Dragon Breath S600 Gaming Mouse 25

So on the next tab, Advanced Config, you can select your cursor speed, double-click speed and scrolling speed. Take note that both the cursor speed and double click speed actually meddle with your Window’s mouse settings so you’ll have to be wary of that. On the right-hand side, you can set up special macros and use it with any one of the 6 programmable keys as mentioned previously.

Wrapping up the Imperion Dragon Breath S600 review

For a pretty budget friendly mouse, this mouse performs better than expected. This mouse feels pretty comfortable in my hands, though your mileage may vary, with the matte surface of the mouse it actually provides a pretty good grip. The left and right button feel pretty okay with the Omron switches, no issues with clicks so far and tactility feels pretty good too!

If you know your mouse, then you must know that the Avago 3050 sensor doesn’t really provide a really good lift-off distance and accuracy BUT it’s good enough for casual gaming. For you lot out there that plays (intense) competitively, this mouse might not be for you. After all, you get what you’ve paid for, right? and more, with this mouse at least

So in conclusion, this is a pretty good mouse given its price range and it’s more catered for casual gamers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t use this gaming mouse to play competitive game titles but it might have the accuracy and the lift-off distance you need.


  • Very good price point
  • The ability to customize programmable keys and also RGB lighting
  • Macros that might come in handy
  • Matte surface for better grip
  • Overall aesthetics and feel of the mouse
  • Omron switches that’s good to click on


  • The lift-off distance is more towards the high side
  • No velcro cable tie included
  • Software not available online
  • Isn’t as sensitive and precise enough
  • Side keys only on the left, left key non-programmable, making this a non-ambidextrous gaming mouse

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