Despite I write for Tech-Critter, a site dedicated to PC hardware and gaming contents, the machine I used to produce all those articles and videos is in fact, a 2015 MacBook Pro 13. The reason is simple, I have yet found a replacement Windows laptop that checks all my requirements as mobile writing station. Leaving that Mac vs PC argument aside, since I use the machine primarily for work purposes, that means I have to make sure the files are well backed up.

Before this, many of you might have noticed that I tried multiple backup solutions for different platforms. While some of them performed really well, as I dive deeper into the solution, often I would find them to have weird behaviours that I can’t really decide to use them. I had the same scepticism when I installed CloudBerry Backup for Mac until I tried them out for a few days.

CloudBerry Backup User Experience


User Experience: Cloudberry Backup for Mac 5

The Freeware Edition of CloudBerry Backup is free to use and it has most of the features enabled except these

  • No encryption
  • No compression
  • 200GB limitation

Both of the features and a 5TB storage limit are available in the Desktop Pro Edition that costs $29.99 per perpetual license. I have a 256GB internal storage so the 200GB limitation is not an issue really.

CloudBerry supports many cloud storage services including the popular ones like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Since I have not subscribed to any of those services, I would just stick to the physical drive instead.

Transcend JetDrive 855

Here I will be using the Transcend JetDrive 855, a Thunderbolt enclosure with Transcend JetDrive 850 PCIe SSD.

User Experience: Cloudberry Backup for Mac 6

The backup process went by without a hitch and since there is no encryption and compression, you might need to keep the drive save in case you’re storing something sensitive.


I tried to delete a folder from my system and proceed to test the file restoration. The process, once again, is very straight-forward with the wizard.

Final Words

The CloudBerry Backup Desktop Pro edition is selling at $29.99, if you need to back up more than a total of 200GB of files as well as to have file encryption + compression. Otherwise, the Freeware Edition is perfect for personal users since many of us don’t actually need the aforementioned features. Besides, the user interface and the whole backup/restore process are well thought out, making it one of the best backup solution I have ever tried.


  • Easy to use
  • Support various cloud storage services
  • Well designed interface
  • Encryption & compression for Pro Edition


  • Backup limitation for Freeware Edition


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