As Intel launched the latest 9th generation of Intel Core series of consumer CPUs, ASUS also launched their overclocking motherboard, the ROG Maximus XI Apex. The Apex series of motherboards have been known to break records as well.

The brand new ROG Maximus XI Apex has many of the same characteristics from its predecessors. It’s still an ATX motherboard, but this time it is equipped with Intel’s Z390 chipset.

ASUS Incredible Intelligence - Maximus XI Apex

It still comes with two DIMM slots with one slot per channel, and claims to support DDR4 4800+ MHz memory speed. The ROG Maximus XI Apex supports double-capacity DIMMS, whereby it can use 32GB per DIMM slot.

The Maximus XI Apex comes with enhanced Extreme Digi+ VRM that is fed by a dual eight-pin power connector, where the VRMs have finned heatsink for better cooling as airflow is not obstructed.

Of course, the Maximus XI Apex can also cater for extreme overclockers who use LN2. Now comes with a condensation detection circuit, you will be notified if condensation happens. The Probelt makes a return as well. Once again, the Maximus XI Apex will require a DIMM.2 expansion card for M.2 SSDs as there are no M.2 SSD slots on the motherboard itself.

We’ve reviewed the previous generation ROG Maximus X Apex and we have to say, that board is – without a doubt – made for overclockers.

We’re waiting for the day that the Maximus XI Apex lands in our labs, and then we can test it extensively.


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