We’ve reviewed quite a number of game controllers – or gamepads, as some calls them – that are getting more and more ubiquitous. We have many gamepads nowadays that can connect and work across multiple different platforms. We reviewed the GuliKit King Kong Pro controller before, and today’s controller is pretty much the same controller but in a compact form factor.

This is the GuliKit Elves Pro controller. It’s made to go in tandem with the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is why they have matching colors – the turquoise, coral, and grey colors.

For our full review of the GuliKit Elves Pro controller, watch our video here because I find it really difficult to explain in words.

Like what was mentioned in the video – this GuliKit Elves Pro controller is really beautiful. It comes in a beautiful box, and the unboxing experience was pleasant too.

GuliKit Elves Pro controller 7

The controller comes in a hard shell clear plastic shell to protect the controller – just like the GuliKit King Kong Pro v2 did. I do wish they have the EVA hardshell case with a zipper inside though, but I think the cost is too high and not many people will use that anyway.

GuliKit Elves Pro controller 8

Inside the box, there’s another accessories box and we can find a card that summarizes all of the features available on the GuliKit Elves Pro and how to activate them.

GuliKit Elves Pro controller 6

The GuliKit Elves Pro itself is a compact controller. It’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch (obviously), PC, Android, and also iOS. By the looks of it, it should work with Raspberry Pi too if you’re looking for a compact controller for RetroPie.

GuliKit Elves Pro controller 4

The joysticks on the GuliKit Elves Pro is a little too short for my liking, but it’s actually the same joysticks used for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. GuliKit also sells replacement joystick kits that are compatible with both the Joy-Cons and the GuliKit Elves Pro.

GuliKit Elves Pro controller 3

The feature set available on the GuliKit Elves Pro is pretty much the same as the GuliKit King Kong Pro controller, with all of the turbo functionalities and macro features – but doesn’t have analog triggers because of space constraints.

GuliKit Elves Pro controller 2

All in all, for some reason, I managed to find this beautiful GuliKit Elves Pro for just RM125 over at Shopee. Wow. If you’re looking for a compact controller that can fit inside your bag without taking much space, then this is highly recommended by me.

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