There’s a group of dedicated gamers that favors Vulkan API for better overall performance and a more modern framework for GPU utilization and NVIDIA has officially enabled ray-tracing support it starting with the GeForce Game Ready Driver version 460.89.

Quake II RTX

To test it out first-hand, simply head over to Quake II RTX, and the selection will be there to let you start benchmarking and pit against different GPUs for the new ray-tracing API. The first 3 levels of the game are still free at the moment so anyone can have a piece of the RT cake as well.

Start updating your driver through GeForce Experience or manually by clicking here.

Perhaps we’ll see Doom Eternal being updated to support ray-tracing on Vulkan as well? And by the looks of it – ray-tracing is here to stay. In the coming months and years, we’ll definitely see more games capable of ray-tracing.


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