With NVIDIA’s DLSS 3.5 packing a whole lot of feature and banger AI models making immersive 4K gaming accessible and as easy as flipping any option that says “NVIDIA RTX”, one wonders what will be in the upcoming DLSS 4 (Or maybe 3.X, I don’t know). Fellow “Mr Leather Jacket” and “Taiwan Night Market Enthuasist”  CEO Jensen Huang might have given us some answers.

NVIDIA Project GR00T demo featured

Citing TechBang‘s write-up, Jensen himself “teased” or “hinted” at the possible inclusion of new features and technologies powered by the power of RTX and AI in terms of DLSS 4 which will include Gen-AI-made textures and 3D models.

“We have applied AI to image-based neural networks. From DLSS 2 takes a bit of lower resolution input and generates higher resolution output to DLSS 3 that generates – not interpolates, but generates – extra frames between them, we might be able to generate things like textures and 3D models in the future. Sure, early implementation and results might be worse than expected but we can make it better over time.”

If we pin the highlight towards the “texture generation” part, NVIDIA already has something working in the back as early as last year (at least for the news to float around publicly) and it was during Siggraph 2023 that they showcased the Neutral Texture Compression (NTC) solution that is capable of reducing the size of texture files while maintaining the quality. Reportedly better than formats like AVIF and JPEG XL, this would be the way to further encourage developers to mainstream 4K and 8K gaming without overloading VRAM as well as cutting down game storage requirements.

And by just reading his thoughts on the surface level, it seems that NTC could debut in DLSS 4 yet it will probably be an early implementation that would look less satisfying and tangible to feel – exactly like when the original DLSS is released to the mass – Interesting approach, full of potential, but just not at the right time for full-scale commercial usage.

Oh, also don’t forget about Team Green’s infamous product strategy of gatekeeping the “best and most game-breaking technologies” behind the latest GPU series. But I don’t think that only RTX 50 series deserves it but rather all RTX cards. Come on man, it is just a texture.


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