The official NVIDIA team has landed in Malaysia last week to spread the good news about the GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs in terms of what the latest technologies, features, and AI capabilities can bring to users so that they know the GPU they got is not only for gaming but literally for anything that has something to do with AI.

NVIDIA GeForce Media Update Pic 1

The local media update event was mainly presented by NVIDIA’s Senior Technical Marketing Manager John Gillooly where he explained the power of RTX AI PCs in all sorts of tools including Stable Diffusion with ComfyUI, Easy Diffusion, ChatRTX, and NVIDIA Broadcast as well as applications like Adobe Photoshop and NVIDIA Canvas powered by the NVIDIA Studio platform.

NVIDIA GeForce Media Update Pic 3

In a simpler way of speaking, they are mostly delivering the contents of COMPUTEX 2024 to the folks who have not attended the Taiwan expo so that everyone can get up to speed.

NVIDIA GeForce Media Update Pic 2

The NVIDIA ACE demo is also one of the core highlights since everyone can really open up and talk to NPCs as themselves with every conversation being generated in real-time.

NVIDIA GeForce Mid-Year Sales Campaign

Looking to get one of the GPUs for yourself because it’s due time? Well, Team Green collaborated with local offices of famous brands as well as distributors to provide buyers of GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs either standalone, within a prebuilt, or in a laptop, and each brand has its own promotions and offerings so check them out below.

Desktop GPUs



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Free 3-month SkillShare membership (ProArt Series only)

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A special price of RM3,199 for the COLOR GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER ULTRA W


Up to RM200 TnG e-wallet on selected GIGABYTE/AORUS laptops

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Redeem Zalman CPU air cooler (INNO3D Series) / RM388 store voucher (BMS PCs with GeForce RTX 40 Series)
MSIFree HELLDIVERS 2 (selected GeForce RTX 40 Series)

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A chance to win a Ducky TKL keyboard (PALIT GeForce RTX 4060 / 4060 Ti)Click Here
PNYUp to RM109 discount + Free SLEV3.0 aRGB Flexible Light Board (Selected PNY GeForce RTX 4070 / 4070 SUPER)


A chance to win Glorious peripherals (ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4070 and above)

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Up to RM200 TnG e-wallet on selected Nitro/Predator laptops

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Free Lenovo Legion 27-inch Gaming Monitor (Selected Lenovo Legion models) / Free Lenovo Legion M300s RGB Gaming Mouse (Selected Lenovo LOQ models)


Up to RM3,500 discount

Or if you don’t mind some pre-selected rigs and laptops as well, check these out:


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