LIAN LI has recently unveiled its brand-new HydroShift LCD 360 series AIO liquid coolers, consisting of the HydroShift LCD 360S, 360R, and 360TL.

LIAN LI HydroShift LCD series AIO liquid coolers featuredBefore diving into the specifications, the new HydroShift 360S, 360R, and 360TL AIO liquid coolers sport unique designs that conceal tubing along the side of the radiator for a clean, near-tubeless appearance.

Plus, each options feature a 2.88-inch LCD display at the pump block that can be personalized with L-Connect 3, along with durable yet flexible ribbed tubing that sits flush against the sides, similar to those in water-cooled servers.

In addition, two of the pre-installed retention brackets enable easier tubing routing, while a full-length brushed aluminum plate and left/right tube cover plates enhance the polished look. A pump mounting hardware cover is also included for a sleek finish.


ModelHydroShift LCD 360SHydroShift LCD 360RHydroShift LCD 360TL
ColorBlack / White
LCD Type2.88″ IPS (480 x 480 pixels), 500 nits
Block Dimensions72 x 72 x 59mm72 x 72 x 58.6mm
Pump Speed1500-3800RPM ±10%1500-3200RPM ±10%
Radiator Dimensions403 x 124.5 x 27mm403 x 124.5 x 31mm
Fan Dimensions124 x 120 x 28mm
Fan Speed200-2500RPM300-2400RPM200-2600RPM
Bearing TypeFDB Bearing
Rated VoltageDC 12V
Operating VoltageDC 10.8-13.2V
Starting VoltageDC 6V (ON/OFF)
Fan Airflow73.14CFM79.9CFM90.1CFM
Fan Static Pressure5mm H2O3.26mm H2O3.94mm H2O
Fan Noise Level29.8dB(A)30dB(A)33dB(A)
Locked Current≦650mA
Operating Current250mA (max 280mA)
Compatible CPU Sockets

Intel: LGA 1700 / AMD: AM5 / AM4

Pricing and Availability

Backed by a 6-year warranty, the new LIAN LI HydroShift LCD 360 series AIO liquid coolers are now available for pre-order at the prices below:

  • HydroShift LCD 360S — US$179.99
  • HydroShift LCD 360R — US$199.99
  • HydroShift LCD 360TL — US$259.99

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