With all the NVIDIA news floating around either about its CEO or AI in general, let’s take a trip back to its roots in gaming where many games are getting DLSS-boosted.

Pax Dei 1

First off we have the social sandbox MMO Pax Dei that revolves around a medieval world full of magic and myths. Although reception is in the ‘Mixed’ phase right now, those who enjoyed it can harness DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Reflex for a smooth world-building experience with 4K performance uplifted by an average of 3x thanks to DLSS 3.

Skye The Misty Isle 1

On the other hand, Still Wakes The Deep places the player within an oil rig with no communications whatsoever which kind of reminds me of SOMA. The FPS horror experience is further enhanced by DLSS 3 + Frame Generation as well as DLAA makes the environment more immersive while Reflex gives you more frame advantages to escape (if you have the response time to match that is). At 4K, DLSS 3 provides a 2.6x average uplift.

Still Wakes The Deep 1

Lastly, Skye: The Misty Isle whose currently in Early Access, is also using DLSS 3 with Frame Generation that gives a 2.4x average boost in FPS as well as Reflex for reduced latency to help players ward off predators, discover the storyline, and look around the Viking setting in the best performance and experience possible.

Ah, by the way, Deep Rock Galactic S5 is getting DLSS 3 too while THE FINALS S3 receives DLSS 3 + Reflex + Ray Tracing altogether.

And here are some bug fixes implemented in the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver update. Get the driver regardless to stay updated for the latest games as usual.

  • Flickering or black screen if Instant Replay is enabled in GeForce Experience
  • FPS overlay showing NA in multiple games in NVIDIA App
  • Visual artifacts when MFAA is enabled from the NVIDIA Control Panel in Microsoft Teams/Outlook
  • LG OLED48C4 TV and 32GS95UE not detected as G-SYNC Compatible
  • CUDA 12.5 does not work with CUDA-enabled Docker images

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