Before June 2024 becomes history, NVIDIA has released the new GeForce Game Ready Driver 556.12 to the public for the best experience in some of the new and old games around.

The First Descendant

Firstly, the free-to-play The First Descendant slated for release next week on July 2 will be getting DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction as well as DLAA, Reflex, and ray-tracing profiles. The UE5-powered game by the famous NEXON from Korea is ready to bring up to 4 players to challenge various mechanical bosses across different areas filled with the most eye candies in recent times.

Payday 3

On the other hand, the “infamous” PAYDAY 3 with its new Boys in Blue update is getting DLSS 3 and Reflex with up to 2x FPS gains even at 4K max settings while system latency is reduced by as much as 55%. Let’s hope that Overkill can slowly save the IP like No Man’s Sky.


For Riven, this is a bit of a special one. Officially considered the sequel to 1997’s Myst, the title is a remake by Cyan Worlds that presents a bunch of intricate puzzles in a 3D real-time environment. With DLSS 2 helping the sidelines, you can get a decent FPS while enjoying this title.

Tribes 3 Rivals

Lastly, TRIBES 3: Rivals which received DLSS 2 and DLAA during Early Access has that thing now upgraded to DLSS 3 plus the addition of Reflex with GeForce RTX 40 series users capable of enjoying high FPS and responsive gameplay for this multiplayer PVP title.

Before we are done, the 4 titles getting Optimal Playable Settings profiles are they are ‘Bodycam’, ‘F1 24’, ‘Pax Dei’, and ‘Soulmask’.

Click here to download the driver right away.


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