A lot of people are waiting for the “Chinese Souls-like” Black Myth: Wukong set to release next month as developer Game Science is getting everything tuned, optimized, and ready for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series-equipped systems, they also included a small surprise for those who picked up one of the new Team Green GPUs recently.

Game Ready Black Myth Wukong Bundle

We’ll be straight to the point first. For those who purchase standalone GPUs or laptops running selected models will be able to claim a Steam code for the game to be redeemed. NVIDIA also made it easy for you to check on participating brands for every country by clicking here. In short, all models from GeForce RTX 4070 and above are eligible, including the ‘Ti’, ‘SUPER’, and ‘Ti SUPER’ variants. The redemption instructions will be delivered via email in due time.

The game is loaded with tons of RTX goodies including full ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS to ensure the title brings out the full potential of Unreal Engine 5 while being buttery smooth because for a game like this, more FPS means tighter dodge timings and more responsive inputs, and speaking of responsive inputs, one can also enable NVIDIA Reflex for reduced latency across the board.


Aside from the monkey overlord game, we also have Wuthering Waves, Bears in Space, and The Black Pool receiving DLSS 3 for an unbeatable experience on PC.


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