Dell Technologies just announced the new Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U4025QW), the second-generation of the 40-inch 5K monitor. This new monitor is recognized as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree, this monitor marks Dell’s nine years of leadership in PC monitors, pushing the boundaries of technology and design.

Dell UltraSharp U4025QW

So, what’s special about the U4025QW? Many things, actually. I am using the U4021QW – the predecessor to this monitor – and I am loving it already since there are many, many ports built directly into the monitor – and yet it has a KVM too. Now, the U4025QW takes upon what was great and improved upon it.

Dell UltraSharp U4025QW

Starting off, this is a curved ultrawide (21:9 aspect ratio) monitor with VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification and boasts IPS Black Panel technology, with the same, super-high resolution of 5120×2160. Not only that, Dell has upgraded the monitor to have 120Hz refresh rate too – doubling what it had before.

Dell is also partnering with TUV Rheinland to achieve groundbreaking five-star eye comfort certification—a new industry standard. The UltraSharp U4025QW will also have an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment, and enhancing Dell ComfortView Plus to reduce harmful blue light exposure by over 30%.

Dell UltraSharp U4025QW

This new U4025QW does have a new slew of ports too – including HDMI 2.1 FRL (the real HDMI 2.1), DisplayPort 2.1, 2.5GbE, and also Thunderbolt 4 with up to 140W power delivery – an upgrade over its predecessor that only has 90W.

Not only that, there are more USB-C ports at the back of the monitor now, and it even has a little pop-up window that reveals more USB-C and USB-A ports! That’s an upgrade that I didn’t know I needed!

Dell UltraSharp U3425WE

Okay, a 40-inch ultrawide monitor might not be for everyone – so Dell made a smaller version of that monitor and that’s why we have the U3425WE. This is also a curved Thunderbolt monitor but with 2560×1440 pixels in resolution but still shares a lot of similar features as its larger counterpart. That includes TUV Rheinland five-star eye comfort certification, IPS Black technology, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity but up to 90W power delivery only.

Dell UltraSharp U3425WE


Dell has always been committed to sustainability since many years ago – and now they’re committed and on track to be using 100% recycled and/or renewable content in packaging, a promise in their 2030 Goals. Both monitors are crafted from 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and 100% recycled aluminum, meeting environmental standards such as EnergyStar, TCO Certified Edge, and EPEAT Gold.

Pricing and availability

Unfortunately, there are no prices for these two monitors yet. I think they will cost a lot given that the previous generation U4021QW already costs a lot.

Starting Price Availability Date
Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U4025QW)TBCEnd of February 2024
Dell Ultrasharp 34 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U3425WE)

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