NVIDIA and Dell Technologies have jointly announced that the latter’s PowerEdge servers offerings have been expanded to include 15 new selections that host Team Green’s exquisite package of hardware and software targeted for AI acceleration.

NVIDIA Dell AI Acceleration Announcement

With 25 years of partnership going on for more, both CEOs are tackling enterprise challenges through AI applications for higher effectiveness and efficiency across different smart algorithms. For starters, one of the key highlights from the array of new products is the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU that helps offload, isolate, and accelerate the networking and operating system stacks of a given data center so that every watt is being used for the maximum potential, resulting in up to 25% less energy consumption that can reach upwards of millions of dollars. With support for VMware vSphere, NVIDIA BlueField DPUs-equipped PowerEdge servers are ready for private, hybrid, and even multi-cloud deployments.

For the AI model training department, the powerhouse NVIDIA H100 GPUs are incredibly strong in what they do because they can be 25 times more efficient in data processing and up to 300 times more energy efficient for running inference on large language models with more than 500 billion parameters.

Dell PowerEdge Servers

Thanks to their long-term collaboration, all Dell PowerEdge servers running NVIDIA H100 GPUs will contain a license for accessing the full stack of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software containing all sorts of global enterprise support with more than 50 frameworks and pre-trained models in addition to several sets of AI workflows that allow organizations to start off their AI-assisted operation through easy presets and venture more into developing their own algorithm in the future but ultimately, all of these saves both time and money in the long run.

A selection of AI frameworks within the AI Enterprise 3.0 suite includes:

Interested in taking the AI Enterprise for a spin? Well, starting next week, NVIDIA LaunchPad will have new AI workflow labs added to the widely available hands-on labs and all of them are free of charge.


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