V-COLOR has introduced the latest Manta XFinity series of DDR5 RAM, offering a high-performance memory solution to kickstart your DIY build in 2024.

V COLOR Manta XFinity DDR5 (3)

To emphasize its commitment to high-tier systems, the Manta XFinity kits boast an impressive frequency of up to 8400MHz with various capacities ranging from the standard 32GB to a substantial 96GB.

The dual module setup not only caters to enthusiasts seeking maximum overclocking potential but also aligns seamlessly with compatible motherboards like the GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS TACHYON X and ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX, making them one of the “go-to” picks for seasoned OC veterans.

Enhanced heat dissipation is achieved through a geometric groove design, potentially improving temperature management by up to 40%. Meanwhile, the RGB diffuser’s 16 LEDs continue to illuminate your rig with vibrant rainbow streams.


The V-COLOR DDR5 Manta XFinity memory kits are offered in capacities of 2x16GB, 2x24GB, 2x32GB, and 2x48GB with global shipping expected to commence soon.


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