V-COLOR has announced the release of yet another super fast Manta XFinity RAM kit that can now run 8600MHz under XMP.

V COLOR Manta XFinity DDR5 8600MHz 2

With no manual tuning needed and instead just selecting the XMP profile, this kit is made and optimized for 14th Gen Intel Core CPUs that bring even more performance across the board when paired with the latest parts.

It is also nice though that tests are not restricted to the top-notch Z series but also include the mid-range B series motherboard, specifically the ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790I Lightning WIFI and PHANTOM GAMING B760I Lightning WIFI, here are some screenshots covering the technical details.

Manta XFinity Z790I 8600 test

Manta XFinity B760I 8600 Test


V-COLOR is expecting the beginning of shipment for these kits sometime around mid-June so gotta wait to enjoy it when the time comes.


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