Last December, Dell announced Concept Luna – a product revealed during the times when demands for electronic devices surged through the roof due to the pandemic resulting in the launch catching more attention than expected and the concept focuses to deliver something that was avoided by pretty much big tech companies and manufacturers around the world – heavy emphasis in user repairability with a side quest of fulfilling environmental sustainability goals.

Today, a year and a week later, Concept Luna is taking yet another step in the right direction, as Dell revealed more updates and information regarding what they have done (Hopefully not in an annual format though).

The announcement came through in the format of a YouTube video showing how their latest Luna product can be taken apart in just 30 seconds. Yes, some forces in the correct direction and repeat it multiple times, there you go. With everything made with modularity in mind, almost all parts utilize a snap-in design to be put in place in a proper manner, counting out the keyboard that uses a pin tool to unlock. The same can be said for the display too as opening up the laptop’s center bezel immediately let the demonstrator gain access to the panel.

Dell Concept Luna in Micro Factory

According to the organization’s notes, they commissioned a micro-factory to work with a team of in-house designers to make sure the device can be disassembled by a robot easily, further emphasizing that literally anyone can do it on their own by following the instructions. By reducing the use of adhesives, screws, and cables to the minimum, Concept Luna is able to reduce the use and production of said materials to keep in line with sustainability quotas as well.

Seeing Dell taking user repairability and sustainability issues seriously is a positive sign that big companies are actually putting effort into addressing those problems. Following the launch of the just-a-year-old Framework Laptop that spearheads those factors into the eyes of the mass public, it is nice to see that aspects regarded by many as liabilities in terms of revenue generation and intangible risks are going to be the competition spotlight within the tech hardware world in the near future.

Since parts could be removed easily, perhaps pimping those individual components could be an actual community a few years later just like the custom mechanical keyboard scene?

I hope so.


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