Dell has introduced its brand-new P- and S-series monitors tailored to cater to a diverse range of needs at pretty good price points; let’s find out what’s on the table.

Dell P series and S series monitor launched 1


Designed for business professionals seeking to maximize their work productivity, the new Dell P-Series 27/24 USB-C Hub monitors feature a 100Hz refresh rate ultrathin bezel display with FHD/WUXGA resolution and ComfortView Plus that decreases blue light while providing flicker-free visual and 99% sRGB color coverage.

On top of that, users can shift the monitor into a productivity hub with RJ45 for wired Ethernet connectivity and single cable solution USB-C with power delivery up to 90W. Plus, an upgraded USB-A port to USB-C is included for easier connectivity to peripherals and fast charging. The height-adjustable stand also has a bi-directional tilt, pivot, and swivel function for a personalized setup.

Dell P series and S series monitor launched 2


Similarly, the Dell S-series 27/24 monitors sport ultrathin bezels with sleek designs, but with features that are more tailored towards everyday use and comfort. The 27-inch QHD and 23.8-inch FHD monitors both boast ComfortView Plus, a 100Hz refresh rate, built-in dual HDMI connectivity ports, and 99% sRGB color coverage with a 1500:1 contrast ratio.

In terms of audio quality, the integrated dual 5W speakers bring deeper bass and a broader soundscape to enhance users’ movie-watching session. Additionally, users can select from five presets and one customizable audio profile conveniently to suit various preferences.

Pricing and Availability

Malaysians can purchase the new Dell P- and S-Series monitors starting from the end of March 2024 at the price points below:

  • P-Series 24 USB-C Hub Monitor (P2425E) — RM1,509
  • P-Series 24 USB-C Hub Monitor (P2425HE) — RM1,199
  • P-Series 27 USB-C Hub Monitor (P2725HE) — RM1,909
  • P-Series 22 Monitor (P2225H) — RM869
  • P-Series 24 Monitor (P2425) — RM1,319
  • P-Series 24 Monitor (P2425H) — RM919
  • P-Series 27 Monitor (P2725H) — RM1,249
  • S-Series 24 Monitor (S2425H) — RM619
  • S-Series 24 Monitor (S2425HS) — RM649
  • S-Series 27 Monitor (S2725H) — RM749
  • S-Series 27 Monitor (S2725DS) — RM1,079

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