ZOTAC has announced its brand new line of GPU products but it is not for us lousy plebs but rather the cash cow enterprises who want a piece of the AI pie but prefer real local hardware to cloud service rentals.

ZOTAC GPU Server Series

The new Enterprise lineup of products comes in a wide variety of form factors and configs from Tower Workstations to Rack Mount Servers but just to be clear, this is not the “GPU only” racks but rather a single full system that runs an Intel/AMD CPU with upwards of 10x GPU support for easy deployment.

They also come with the usual industrial class setups like redundant PSUs and powerful, high RPM fans to keep the server running at optimal performance.

As for categorization, ZOTAC has listed a total of 3 different types and they are:

  • Essential Series – Aimed for cost-effectiveness and flexibility, comes in OLT Tower Workstation and 4U rack server form factors
  • Advanced Series – More selections in 4U form factor with more power in general like better CPU/GPU choices alongside feature sets like PCIe 5.0 support
  • Premiere Series – Provides up to 8x Server PCIe Module (SXM)/ OCP Accelerator Module (OAM) GPUs for all the important LLM and machine learning, comes with up to 2x 10GbE LAN ports as well as higher storage capacity

As a matter of fact, the server racks can be obtained in a barebone config if you really want to but if you’re completely blank about this, you can get the chassis-motherboard bundle and just use them right away.

The offerings also have full modular design in terms of cable management and airflow optimization alongside the validation sticker that says “you are certified to run” various Linux Enterprise Grade distros such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu, VMware, and Citrix.


The ZOTAC GPU Server Series will be rolled out across the world starting from China beginning March 25.


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