The lineup for Dell Malaysia’s huge release for June 2022 not only includes prebuilt, laptops, and monitors, but also lots of peripherals for those who just need a little gadget upgrade to their existing rig.

Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack

We’re gonna start off the post a little different than usual by going towards the green topic. Dell’s latest product that participates in sustainable manufacturing is none other than the EcoLoop Urban Backpack designed with and for comfort using eco-friendly materials. For starters, the main compartment can be fitted with most if not all Dell laptops that are 15-inches or below. On the other hand, small spaces and pockets are sewn orderly to provide as much space to the users as possible by keeping the appropriate items in the best place like mouse and power bank going into the slip pockets while mesh pockets hold water bottles easily.

Created with 420D ballistic body fabric to withstand daily use that is covered by a 3-year warranty, the exterior part is made with 7 recycled plastic bottles while things like the hang tag, hang loop, and the plastic bag that were part of the packaging are fully recyclable and made with 100% recycled contents.

Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam

Then we have arguably one of the best webcams for professional settings, the UltraSharp 4K Webcam equipped with a 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor that delivers crystal clear video footage to your audience while the intelligent software automatically keeps in the frame at all times. Armed with a magnetic-based mounting mechanism and several customization options like HDR and FOV, easily give your full trust to this webcam to stay sharp at all times.

Dell Docking Station

Tired of having too less ports to keep up with your external gadget game? Then the Docking Station should do the trick as it boosts your setup capability by providing ExpressCharge Boost to quickly juice up your devices while the plethora of USB-A and USB-C ports lets you connect peripherals, displays, and more without any clutter and keeping your computer table clean from tangling wires. There’s also a Thunderbolt version in case you need that support for your ultra-high-speed storage and smart devices but as usual, the Thunderbolt tax isn’t that cheap either.

Dell Speakerphone and Speakerphone with Multi Adapter

For the open-air audio department, Dell has released a duo of speakerphones which is namely the Speakerphone and the Speakerphone with Multi Adapter. Both of them are capable of blasting audio with loud amplitude so everyone in the room can listen to what the other side is saying while the AI noise filtering will make sure the echo doesn’t reenter the mic again. The former can be powered by either USB-A or USB-C while the latter is exclusively using USB-C. Besides doing great in conference calls, they can also be used as a speaker for playing music.

The Speakerphone with Multi Adapter will serve quite a big role here as it is basically running the hub/passthrough function for your other peripherals. Having a pair of USB-A and a USB-C you can connect and even juice up compatible devices at your will. In cases where you do not need a professional-class dock, this could be the solution for striking two birds with one stone.

Dell Pro Wireless Headset

In the headset section, two new premium-class wireless headsets are introduced which are the Pro Wireless Headset and Premier ANC Wireless Headset. Needless to say, both of them are great at capturing and churning out audio that is clear and concise. Not only do they have direct audio control on the fly, but they also have indicators to tell you whether you are currently muted or not on top of a tracking function via the Tiles app in case you throw the headset into an unknown void.

Dell Premier ANC Wireless Headset

Known for their rich feature set, multi-platform support, and quick charging, the latter one comes with a dedicated slider to turn on Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) so your busy colleagues won’t bother you as much anymore.

Dell Stereo Headset

And there’s a standard stereo headset with adaptive audio, a noise-canceling mic, and accessible audio controls on the cheap.

Dell Premier Multi Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The last input device combo on the list is the Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo that emphasizes its dual connection of Bluetooth and 2.4GHz to deliver wireless productivity in various scenarios. Multi-device connection is somehow a must in today’s wireless input device so Dell is following suit by giving both of them a 3-device simultaneous connection. As for battery life, they are one of the greatest within the industry at up to 36 months.

Dell Premier Rechargable Wireless Mouse

And if you don’t really need the keyboard for whatever reason, you can get the mouse ala carte as well.

Starting Price and Availability

Dell Malaysia has made all accessories and peripherals listed in this post available for purchase starting right now over at the official website.

  • EcoLoop Urban Backpack (Grey) @ RM 140.58
  • UltraSharp 4K Webcam @ RM 889.60
  • Docking Station @ RM 1,199.00
  • Thunderbolt Dock @ RM 1,592.00
  • Speakerphone @ RM 358.56
  • Speakerphone with Multiport Adapter @ RM 684.53
  • Stereo Headset @ RM 108.72
  • Pro Wireless Headset @ RM 1,012.00
  • Premier ANC Wireless Headset @ RM 1,349.00
  • Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and mouse @ RM 377.25
  • Premier Rechargeable Wireless Mouse @ RM 224.84

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