BIOSTAR has recently showcased its new RACING series 3D mascot Amy; Let’s find out how cute she is.

BIOSTAR RACING series 3D Mascot Amy featured

As a consequence of the current wave of AMD CPU updates, BIOSTAR’s B550 series motherboards have become a popular choice among gamers and content creators. BIOSTAR celebrates its cohesive partnership with AMD and the powerful synergy between AMD processors and BIOSTAR motherboards with the release of Amy’s 3D avatar with many more fun events planned for the future.

To celebrate the growing popularity and success of the RACING series B550 motherboard, BIOSTAR rewards its fans with a cute 3D version of Amy. The brand plans to use her in a variety of material including animated videos and live streams, so fans can expect some interesting content from her.

Here’s the first video from Amy where she showcases some of the renowned BIOSTAR motherboards and AMD processors:


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