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October 16, 2017

Noctua Introduces Chromax Line Fans, Cables and Heatsink Covers

By: Low Chern Lin

Noctua today introduced the long-awaited chromax editions of its most renowned 120mm and 140mm fan models as well as chromax line cables and heatsink covers for its award-winning NH-U12S and NH-D15 series CPU coolers. All the new chromax line products allow users to colour-customise their Noctua cooling systems in order to match popular build colour schemes.

October 12, 2017

Lenovo Legion launches Y920 Laptop, Y720 Tower and Y520 Tower in Malaysia

By: John Diew

Lenovo Legion, Lenovo's dedicated gaming line has unveiled their latest gaming hardware in Malaysia - the Lenovo Legion Y920 laptop, Legion Y720 Tower and Legion Y520 Tower.

October 11, 2017

Munio Commences to Offer Cybersecurity Solution and Assurance Package for Businesses

By: John Diew

As the technology continues to rapidly expand, businesses are becoming more and more dependent on digital assets. As such, cybercrime is on the rise as well since wherever there is money, criminals will try to get their hands on it. Therefore, having a good cybersecurity measure would be the key to a business' survival and growth.

October 10, 2017

ServerDNA II Gamers Gathering Is Happening On October 12th, Possibly The Largest Gamers Gathering In Malaysia

By: Low Chern Lin

We can see a tons of gaming events going on in the recent years as part of the effort to nourish Malaysia's eSports industry. NVIDIA, AMD, ZOTAC, etc are among the giant in the industry that is putting a lot of effort to make these events possible. 

Alleged Image of Intel Chip With 'Vega Inside' Is One Of Intel's Employee Appreciation Campaign Poster

By: Low Chern Lin

The alleged image of 'Vega Inside' reported by NLT yesterday spreads like wildfire and is now one of the most debated topic in the tech community in the past 24 hours. With limited clues from the blurry image of the 'Vega Inside' and external news source from our side, we managed to find our way to the actual source of this.

Turns out that the Vega Inside image is actually one of the poster from Intel's Employee Appreciation Campaign, where well performing Intel employees get nominated for some kind of award from Intel.

October 09, 2017

Intel Chip With 'Vega Inside'? Intel's GPU Licensing Agreement With AMD Might Be True After All

By: Low Chern Lin

I'm pretty sure that a lot of you are aware of the rumor from last year, regarding to Intel's GPU Licensing Agreement With AMD. Although Intel has denied the rumor and we're not seeing any of AMD's Vega GPU architecture on its Kaby Lake GPUs, the blurry image that's been floating around the internet by an undisclosed source suggests that the deal might have already happened.

October 07, 2017

Der8auer Teases Core i7-8700K Ultra Edition, Custom Silver-made IHS With Guaranteed 5.1GHz Overclock

By: Low Chern Lin

After hitting a whopping 7.3GHz on the Intel Core i7-8700K, overclocking evangelist Der8auer posted a teaser for an upcoming Caseking 8700K Ultra Edition, a limited number of handpicked Core i7-8700K CPU with a guaranteed overclock to 5.1GHz, custom IHS made from 99.99% silver with Thermal Grizzly's Conductonaut liquid metal TIM and a 24 month King mod warranty from Caseking.

October 06, 2017

Asus Releases Official pricing of their Z370 motherboard llineup for Malaysia

By: Clement Thien

The new Intel® 8th Generation Core™ processors are the best desktop CPUs for gaming on the market. With up to six cores and 12 threads, these Coffee Lake chips also have huge potential for enthusiasts and power users who do more with their PCs. Their exceptional performance, unmatched versatility, and considerable overclocking potential are a natural fit for Republic of Gamers (ROG), so we’ve developed a diverse collection of Z370 gaming motherboards for a range of priorities and budgets.