Productivity is directly proportional to motivation and the willingness to always stay consistent. With so many gadgets and technological advancements, staying focused has become super difficult, especially for school and college students. Technology is not just a distraction for students, if used effectively it can help them stay productive by enhancing their overall workflow. So, if you are a school or college student, by incorporating technology into your everyday functions, you will be well-equipped to boost and also maintain your productive output. In this article, we will be enlisting the top five tech productivity tips that will help you perform better in school. So grab a notepad and start taking notes.

  • Use Simple Note-Taking Apps

To streamline your overall workflow, use efficient, state-of-the-art note-taking applications to gather important information. Keep all your notes in a single place (you can easily employ systems like Notion or applications like Evernote to gather all your notes in one place). You can also use the popular Google Docs, mainly because it is backed up, and you will never lose your important notes. In case you need extra time to catch up on your productivity tools, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to an experienced writer and instantly send a Paperwriter request. To do so, you will of course require a reliable and speedy internet connection like the one offered by Xfinity. Simply contact Xfinity customer service and sign up for the affordable internet deal that best meets your requirements. Moving on, you’ll be surprised to know that note-taking applications are not only helpful for taking important notes and storing them securely, but you can also simply share them with your peers or colleagues for significant collaborative reasons.

  • Block Apps and Websites

One of the most effective ways to prevent yourself from wasting your precious time is to block all the distractions. If you do not want to put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ then we have the solution for you. Just blocking several apps can be useful as most of our time is spent exploring social media apps, so before working or studying, I block or uninstall apps (rarely) like Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can carry out this activity easily by getting your hands on an app-blocking tool online. Several blocking apps are free however; they put a limitation on the app blocking number. I personally like the Freedom tool however the AppBlock is another very amazing option that must surely try.

  • Use Time Management Apps

Time management applications will assist you in mapping out your tasks daily. Whether you’re fond of planning daily, weekly, or even monthly, using a proper time management app can easily help you recall what all needs to be done. As a school or college student, you will always have several things you’ll be required to do every single day, and it is quite natural to miss out on something important with so much already on your to-do list. Great time management skills not only enhance productivity but also assist you in balancing your college and personal life. Famous applications like Google Calendar, Habitica, and Trello are all very helpful for planning and effective time management.

  • Record Screen Time

If you think, your productive time is spent looking at Instagram posts or watching interesting TikTok videos, then it is better to monitor your screen time and view which application you are using the most. Based on the overall time spent and the individual app’s utility, you can easily block the app. I deleted my Instagram app about six months ago, mainly because I felt this app was affecting my screen time. Once I was back on Instagram, I understood that I no longer felt the need to access it often.

  • Explore Online Forums and Study Groups

By joining a motivated community online that is related to your subjects or field, you can attain massive insight, and you can also easily incorporate unique ideas, and solid perspectives and gain valuable knowledge from your fellow peers. Examples of amazing online forums and study groups include Coursera’s community, Khan Academy, StudyBlue, etc. These are all the platforms that you can explore to have a very interactive and collaborative journey. By getting to know the perspectives and viewpoints of other people, you will see your knowledge improving.

Wrapping Up

We hope the five best productivity tips that we have mentioned in this article, will improve your overall scores and you will ultimately see an improvement in your learning curve. Good luck!


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