ASUS’s IoT division has unveiled the new cutting-edge industrial powerhouse PE8000G dedicated to edge AI applications over at the Embedded World 2024 expo.


At its core lies a R680E-based motherboard capable of accommodating either a 12th or 13th Gen Intel Core CPU but don’t let that grab your attention and instead, look over to the spotlight that shines on the dual GPU slot, each with a 450W power allocation.

These GPUs can be configured for redundancy or optimized for high-throughput computing, ensuring seamless and real-time AI inferencing even in challenging environments. This is made possible by the system’s military-grade enclosure and components, which maintain consistent performance and stability despite extreme temperature fluctuations, variable input voltages ranging from 8V to 48V, and physical vibrations.

A glance at the visual reveals an abundance of USB ports, VGA Outs, dual Ethernet, HDMI, and more, facilitating effortless connectivity between legacy and modern hardware.

ASUS emphasizes that the system is well-suited for applications such as AI-driven factories, autonomous driving, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), and beyond.


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