Amplifier Security, a new player in the cybersecurity field, has emerged from stealth mode with a $3.3 million investment and a unique solution. Their focus? Bridging the gap between complex security tools and overwhelmed employees, ultimately improving overall security posture.

Traditional security systems often rely on a multitude of tools that generate overwhelming alerts. Sorting through these alerts and implementing fixes can be a time-consuming burden for security teams and disruptive for employees. Amplifier Security tackles this challenge with an AI-powered “security buddy” program designed to streamline communication and action.

“There’s a massive gap in the market,” says Shreyas Sadalgi, CEO and co-founder of Amplifier Security. “Most security tools ignore user engagement, operating silently in the background.”

Amplifier’s solution flips the script. Their AI program, dubbed “Ampy,” acts as a friendly advisor, contextualizing security alerts and guiding employees through solutions without interrupting their workflow. Imagine a pop-up notification explaining the risk of a security issue and offering simple steps to fix it, similar to how credit card companies handle suspicious transactions.

This human-centric approach empowers employees and fosters a sense of shared responsibility for security. Additionally, Amplifier integrates seamlessly with existing security tools, eliminating the need for extensive training or system overhauls.

Benefits for companies considering Amplifier Security are numerous:

  • Faster Response Times: By simplifying issue resolution, employees can address security concerns quickly, reducing potential vulnerabilities.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: Feeling involved in security boosts morale and creates a more proactive environment.
  • Reduced Burden on Security Teams: By automating initial communication and guiding employees, security teams can focus on more complex issues.
  • Improved Security Posture: By streamlining processes and fostering engagement, Amplifier helps prevent breaches and creates a more secure work environment.

Amplifier Security isn’t just a theoretical concept. They’ve already partnered with over 15 companies in a beta program, receiving positive feedback on the platform’s effectiveness. Early users report significant improvements, including faster issue identification, reduced manual work for security teams, and empowered employees contributing to a stronger security posture.

“Security teams need to completely rethink their operations,” says Thomas Donnelly, CTO and President of Amplifier Security and a three-time CISO. “Amplifier enables users to self-heal their own security issues, fostering a more productive and collaborative approach.”

The company’s leadership boasts extensive experience in enterprise security and automation. They’re confident Amplifier’s solution will revolutionize how companies handle cybersecurity. With growing investor interest and early success in beta testing, Amplifier Security appears poised to make a significant impact in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.


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