Instead of relying of cloud storage services, more and more people is moving towards the direction of having their own personal cloud storage that doesn’t binds them to any form of rules and additional costs for more space and download speed.

Instead of another NAS for the advanced users, we’ll be looking at a much simpler NAS, the Transcend StoreJet Cloud 110K (SJC110K) that is specially tailored for entry level users who just wanted to get things done without any hassle.


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Starting off with the packaging, we can see that Transcend kept things simple as usual with the StoreJet Cloud 110K – simple yet sufficient highlights on the product information and features. Marketed as a personal cloud for home users, the StoreJet Cloud 110K features a 1-bay design to accommodate only ONE hard drive and doesn’t comes with fancy enterprise level features.

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At the back of the box, you’ll find the technical specifications, package content, system requirements as well as the labelled diagram for the IO available on the StoreJet Cloud 110K.

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Moving on to the content of the box, you’ll find a quick start guide, power adapter with interchangeable plugs, a CAT 5e Ethernet cable to get you the proper transfer speed through the network, some product catalogs and of course, the StoreJet Cloud 110K itself.

The StoreJet Cloud 110K

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Appearance wise, the StoreJet Cloud 110K looks nothing like any NAS we’ve used in the past. It uses a minimalist matte-black enclosure instead of those that comes with a display panel, removable bay, etc – which is good if you don’t plan to let your guests to notice its existence before you start to brag about it.

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Despite having a slim profile, the StoreJet Cloud 110K has these grill-like design on both the top and bottom side on its enclosure for better airflow, preventing the device from overheat damage.

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Moving on to the IO at the back of the StoreJet Cloud 110K, a red function button to enter / resume from its power-saving sate sleeping mode, an odd looking on / off switch, a USB 3.0 port, a Ethernet RJ45 port, DC input port and a Kensington lock slot.

While it’s good to have a USB 3.0 port to allow content sharing with external storage devices, Transcend might want to reconsider the placement of the USB 3.0 port. It can be a pain if you happens to have a USB 3.0 devices that comes with a ridiculously big connector.

Product Setup

Once you’ve done connecting all the necessary cables i.e network cable, power adapter, and powered up the StoreJet Cloud 110K, enter the link as stated on the quick start guide on your browser to start configuring your StoreJet Cloud 110K.

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This is how things looks like once you’re logged into the web user interface of the StoreJet Cloud 110K.

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An inner window that resembles a file explorer will appear after you clicked on the icons for photo, music and video management. The only problem here is that all of the operation has to be done with the control buttons and you can’t just move the files with a simple copy-paste, select all, etc.

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Other features available in the web user interface includes a disk manager for S.M.A.R.T info monitor and format disk, a built-in Dropbox app for backing up data to the service provider, managing users for remote access and a built-in media player.

StoreJet Cloud App

Once you’ve done setting up the accounts for remote access, the StoreJet Cloud 110K can be accessed via the Transcend StoreJet Cloud app which can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store without any cost.

While authorized users can backup and access their personal files with the app with ease, Transcend could really consider on making the user adding process easier for the StoreJet Cloud 110K owner. Adding user invite function via messaging app, social media app or even a simple QR code scanning are some of the directions that is worth to consider for.


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Performance wise, there’s nothing much to complain here actually. The StoreJet Cloud 110K has a fairly decent speed of 113 MB/s peak speed on copy-from operation and 89 MB/s peak speed on copy-to operation with a highly compressed zip file. More less, we’re pretty satisfied with the performance it can deliver here.


The StoreJet Cloud 110K is probably one of the easiest to configure entry-level NAS we’ve came across so far and it makes a great kickstart NAS for first-time users who wants a personal storage that can be accessed anytime, anywhere as long as there’s internet connection. However, the level of customization for the StoreJet Cloud 110K is very limited, especially for the apps available – as far as we can tell, you can’t install or remove any apps from it.

There’s no deny that one can configure remote access to your computer with apps like TeamViewer to achieve similar functionality here, but for the amount of data, electricity that you’ll be using to achieve this, investing in a NAS would be a much wiser choice on the long run.

At the price of RM799, it’s fair for us to say that the StoreJet Cloud 110K is one heck of a personal storage that’s worth to consider for.

  • Pros
    • Very easy to configure
    • Very simple user interface
    • Small footprint
    • Decent performance
    • Reasonable cost
  • Cons
    • USB 3.0 port can be a pain for device with large USB connector
    • Lack of customization (3rd-party app)
    • Lack of flexibility for keyboard shortcut in the file management window

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