TerraMaster has released the all-new F4-212 Quad-Core NAS that runs on the latest TOS 5.1 OS and supports TRAID, BTRFS file system, Snapshot, and TFSS.

TerraMaster F4 212 4bay NAS announced 1

The new F4-212 features a new powerful ARM V8.2 Cortex-A55 64-bit 1.7GHz quad-core Realtek 1619B processor and independent NPU. Plus, the Push-Lock design alongside a new sound-absorbing panel ensures that inserted hard disks won’t face accidental disconnection issues while maintaining low operation noise at only 21dB.

Furthermore, it offers reliable backup measures to safeguard users’ valuable information. Leveraging user-friendly interfaces and secure storage options, the NAS seamlessly integrates with various backup applications such as Duple Backup, CloudSync, and so on.

TerraMaster F4 212 4bay NAS announced 2

Additionally, the F4-212 boasts 4K video hardware decoding capability and is compatible with the uPnP/DLNA protocol. Using the brand’s dedicated ‘Multimedia Server’ app or third-party multimedia servers, it can stream videos to a range of multimedia devices.

TerraMaster F4 212 4bay NAS announced 3

On top of that, users can conveniently access the TNAS device via the TNAS Mobile 3 iOS or Android client for file browsing, album backup, and photo sharing. Also, the TerraMaster mobile client packs a mobile administrator for easy remote management of users’ TNAS at home, enhancing overall flexibility of use.

Check out the link below for more information on the TerraMaster F4-212:



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