TerraMaster has recently launched the new TPC Backupper, a free Windows backup and synchronization software tailored for TDAS users.

TerraMaster TPC Backupper 1Having compatibility with all TerraMaster DAS products, the TPC Backupper offers multiple backup features and a user-friendly interface for constant system and data protection with quick recovery when needed.

Supporting a wide range of backup methods, the TPC Backupper also enables quick restoration of users’ computers to an earlier state in case of data loss or system failure, giving users a simple process and helping them save time.

TerraMaster TPC Backupper 2Furthermore, the application packs practical tools and flexible settings such as creating bootable emergency media, compressing, splitting, checking, merging backup images, email notifications, exporting/importing configurations, as well as viewing logs, making it a great option for most data protection needs.

Check out this link for more information on the TerraMaster TPC Backupper.


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