In celebration of World Oceans Day 2024, Canon Marketing Malaysia collaborated with the Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) to host the “Exploring Ocean Awareness Through Photography” workshop and photo exhibition just yesterday.

Canon World Oceans Day 2024 BMRI Collab (2)

Engaged at the Azman Hashim UMS Gallery, they have invited a diverse group of attendees that include government agencies, NGOs, universities, and the public. One of the most renowned underwater photographers who’s also a Canon EOS Master named Ipah Uid Lynn has shared a variety of information at the event like the importance of ocean conservation as well as several tips and tricks for underwater photography.

She also emphasized responsible practices to minimize human impact on marine ecosystems so in conjunction with her masterful skills in underwater photography, Canon is committed to bringing both topics closer than ever in order to encourage ocean conservation advocacy as well as expressing deeper appreciation for Malaysia’s marine biodiversity.

Canon World Oceans Day 2024 BMRI Collab (3)

Aside from the workshop, an entire gallery of photos was exhibited that showcased Canon’s imagePROGRAF Pro Series which is both breathtaking and thoughtful thanks to the theme of “beauty yet fragile” which not a lot of people understand to be honest.

Thanks to the collaboration, Canon and BMRI are happy to continue their efforts in promoting ocean conservation and responsible action. More information about Canon’s CSR initiatives can be found here and to finish off, here are some statements and expressions made by key figures from the event.

“At Canon, we firmly believe in the power of imaging to inspire positive change, this workshop and photo exhibition embodies our ‘Kyosei’ philosophy of living and working together for the common good. By equipping participants with the knowledge to capture the wonders of the underwater world and showcasing Ipah’s captivating imagery, we hope to ignite a passion for marine conservation and inspire action to protect our precious oceans.” – Calvin Liew, Head of Kota Kinabalu Branch, Canon Marketing Malaysia


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