TerraMaster has introduced the newly improved TRAID+ disk array management tool to offer enhanced data storage security with features including automatic disk space aggregation, redundancy protection against hard drive failures, and seamless expansion.

TerraMaster launches TRAID+ in latest TOS 6 system 1

In contrast to its predecessor which guarantees redundancy for one hard drive failure, the TRAID+ doubles this safeguard to cover two drives to significantly boost data security for users.

Operating similarly to RAID 6, it partitions disk space into multiple storage units and utilizes RAID 6 characteristics to combine them into a flexible array configuration, ensuring data reliability and excellent storage efficiency.

TerraMaster launches TRAID+ in latest TOS 6 system 2

But do keep in mind — building a TRAID+ array requires at least four disks. Another quick note is that if you plan to migrate from TRAID to TRAID+, the added disks must match or exceed the smallest disk in the original TRAID array’s capacity.

As for how to execute it, follow the steps below:

  1. Keep TNAS powered on, insert the new hard drive(s)
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Storage Management > Storage Pool > Edit, and select “Migrate”
  3. Ensure that the newly added hard drive(s) meet the requirements

Kindly refer to this link for more information on the new TerraMaster TRAID+.


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