TerraMaster has just launched its latest version of Duple Backup, a core disaster recovery application that routinely back up crucial data within TNAS, ensuring secure storage to prevent data loss or damage.

TerraMaster Duple Backup Application 1

Designed for both home and business users, Duple Backup allows users to efficiently back up important volumes, folders, or iSCSI LUNs in TNAS to various destinations to prevent data loss, in addition to quickly restoring data in case of hardware or system failures within TNAS.

On top of that, the application can also mirror key data from TNAS to alternative storage devices or the cloud to secure data even in extreme situations.

TerraMaster Duple Backup Application 2

Thanks to the compatibility with several backup modes including incremental mode, mirror mode, multi-version mode, and mixed mode, users can speed up backup progress while also saving storage space.

Also worth noting is the Duple Backup Vault, which serves as the required server application for Duple Backup to establish connections with other TNAS devices. It enables the backup source to acquire read and storage permissions for the shared folder on the remote TNAS device, allowing the remote TNAS administrator to monitor the status of the task, and so on.

TerraMaster Duple Backup Application 3

That’s not all, the synergy between TerraMaster Centralized Backup and Duple Backup also enables seamless consolidation of data sources like Windows devices, file servers, and virtual machines, into TNAS for comprehensive management and recovery.


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