The gaming chair market has been booming since last year. Especially during our trip to the Computex 2017 in Taipei, we have noticed an increase in the brands that decided to invest in their own gaming chair series. Obviously, the supply rises because of the customer’s demand. In fact, you’ll find a handful of new brand names among gaming chair roundups this 2019. Some are great while some are just so-so. But if you want to try some of the new contenders, check this roundup to ensure you’re investing only in the best.

Warlord is a South-East Asian brand where they get their hands dirty in designing and improving the current existing gaming gears. Today what we have in our labs is the Warlord Phantom gaming chair. It is the second most expensive model Warlord has to offer as opposed to the Horsemen X and Templar. Let’s take a look at what do we get from the price tag of RM 899.

Warlord Phantom Specifications Overview

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 1

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 3

Video Review

Assembly Experience

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 5

Out of the box, Warlord provides a multi-tool so that you don’t have to dig out your dusty toolbox from the storeroom.

The installation manual booklet uses high-quality paper and colour printed. However, the instructions in the manual are not as detailed as it should have been, especially for those new users who just got their hands onto a gaming chair that requires self-assembly.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 7

The whole assembly process took us almost an hour to complete and frankly speaking, we bumped into quite a few hiccups due to the unclear instructions on the user manual. The screws are pre-installed into the screw-holes instead of being packaged separately. That means users have to first remove all the screws before I can even start the assembly process.

Do check out our rather low-quality Facebook live stream assembly process.

User Experience

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 9

Just like any other gaming chairs, the Warlord Phantom’s design is inspired by the racing bucket seats. No doubt they look really cool in the general public’s eyes. However, I seriously don’t know how this trend has come along because bucket seats are not something I’d related with comfortable.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 11

The PU leather used on the Phantom felt smooth and high-quality. Warlord has claimed that they have customised the use of a special treated PU leather which is more breathable so that your bottom would not get sweaty easily. While it does not feel as sticky as leathers, but it still depends on the users as everyone has a different tolerance level.

By the way, they have 4 different colour options:

  • War’s Ruin – Red
  • Death’s Despair – Blue
  • Femine’s Fear – Green
  • Conquest’s Glory – Black

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 7

Instead of wood, elastic bands are used as the support of the seat for more airflow. Same goes to the back support with the use of elastic bands instead of metal rods.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 15

The stitching on the leather is pretty consistent. As far as I could see, there aren’t any poorly stitched parts or loose strings. The overall fit and finish from the cold core foam to the faux leather cover is top notch.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 17

The included neck pillow and lumbar support cushions feel high quality and premium.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 19

I personally don’t like the lumbar support because having something sticking out at the back just felt wrong to me.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 21

Warlord has tweaked the density of the cold core foam for the seating based on their customer’s feedback. Now the seating is softer compared to the previous generation. Out of all the gaming chairs I’ve tested, the Phantom is probably the one with the softest seat cushion. I personally have mixed feelings towards chairs with soft cushions. While it may be extremely comfortable, but it is advisable to stand up once in a while. Still, whether if the softness is up to your taste, you can drop Warlorda message to enquire on locations with sample units.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 23

The backrest can be adjusted to more than 20 different positions with the small lever located on the right. Hence you are able to sleep on it especially at the angle of around 135-degree. The neck support is located at the sweet spot for it to work as a pillow.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 25

The spring-loaded adjustment mechanism supports adjustment up to 180-degree.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 27

Thanks to the well-balanced design and a stable base, you can lie on it without toppling over.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 29

However, you won’t be able to sleep straight even with the chair adjusted to 180-degree simply because of the design of the cushion don’t lie straight.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 31

Speaking of the base, it is made of metal alloy. An upgrade from the previous generation’s plastic base. The 2-inch casters are now smoother and roll better.

While I appreciate the inclusion of the plastic footrest on the base, but the texture on it is not something I like. It felt like I’m having some sort of foot massage every time I put my feet on it.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 33

The gas lift cylinder is class 4 for the best quality and safety level.

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 35

You get plenty of adjustment range with the adjustment lever.

The chair also supports up to 15-degree swivel but if you’re not into swivelling, you can lock it with just a push of the adjustment lever.

Moving on to the armrest. The surface of the armrest is soft and comfortable. The best of all, we are getting a 4-dimension adjustable armrest. While it may have all the adjustability, but my review unit has a weird wobbly left armrest. Warlord has responded that they will honor any problematic components with a replacement part.

Warlord Phantom Armrest - 01

7 adjustments for height.

Warlord Phantom Armrest - 03

5 adjustments for inwards/outwards.

Warlord Phantom Armrest - 02

3 adjustments for sideways.

Warlord Phantom Armrest - 04

3 adjustments for left/right rotation.

Final Words

Warlord Phantom Gaming Chair Review 37

I have been using the Warlord Phantom as my workspace’s chair for a month. I have to say it is probably the most comfortable chair I ever had. (Office chairs be damned)

At RM 899, the Warlord Phantom offers a full range of functions that are shared among all their product lineup. The price difference you’re paying is basically for the different cushion size and seating characteristics. This is something we don’t see often, especially where the other brands would purposely downgrade the features of their lower end models to entice you to purchase the higher end models.

If you are in the market for a gaming chair, do give Warlord a consideration because of the awesome price positioning, feature loaded and of course, great support from the manufacturer itself.


  • Good & secure packaging
  • Screwdriver tool provided
  • Comfy seating experience
  • Detachable neck and lumbar support cushion
  • Metal base with smooth rolling casters
  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Breathable faux leather
  • Stable even when lying down at 180′
  • Reasonably priced


  • Screws are pre-screwed instead of separately packaged
  • Unclear user manual instructions
  • Unnecessary anti-slip plastic texture on wheel base
  • Wobbly armrest

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