Not too long ago, we reviewed the Edifier W860NB that is a wireless headset with ANC. Today, we’re looking at something much more affordable – particularly the Edifier W820BT. It is priced at only RM199 – which means there will be compromises. However, are the compromises worth it?

Thanks for Edifier Malaysia for providing a unit of the Edifier W820BT for this review.


From Edifier’s website, this is the only information that we can obtain. We do not know what is the battery capacity of the Edifier W820BT, or the amount of charge that it is able to accept.

Frequency response20-20,000 Hz
Bluetooth4.1 with CSR
Driver unit40mm NdFeB drivers
Supporting protocolHFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP


With a new yet cheap price of the Edifier W820BT, we expected that edifier will cut cost wherever they see fit. By just looking at the box itself, we know that Edifier cut the cost of its packaging already. It is shrink wrapped at first, and the packaging consist of the sleeve and cradle itself.

Edifier W820BT

At the back of the sleeve we can see the some feature highlights in multiple different languages. The contents inside the box are also listed here.

Edifier W820BT

Sliding off the sleeve reveals the Edifier W820BT itself alongside with a small little compartment below it. That is where all the other contents are found.

Edifier W820BT

Once everything was taken out, we have the user manual, a micro USB cable for charging, and also a 3.5mm audio jack.

Edifier W820BT

In terms of build quality, the Edifier W820BT is surprisingly better than its predecessor. It feels less plasticky even though it is made out of plastic anyway, and there are more metal too.

Edifier W820BT

The earcups are thick and surrounded by an adequate thickness of PU leather. The diameter of the earcups however, might be a little too small for an over-ear headset.

There is also a decently-thick cushion wrapped in PU leather for the headband. Not bad. The adjustable headband is now also made out of metal, and it is graduated as well. That means I can know how large I want the headband to be each time I wear it.

Edifier W820BT

Compared to its predecessor, the Edifier W820BT can now even fold the earcups inwards – which makes stowing away the headset a lot easier. However, I am afraid that the PU leather will get damaged, though. Any sort of incision or rupture will be  the end of its days.

Edifier W820BT

On the right earcup is where most of the connectors are found. We have the indicator LED, the power button, the volume rocker, micro USB charging port, and a microphone.

On the left side, that’s where we can find the 3.5mm audio jack.


The headset itself is actually not that bad. Connecting Edifier W820BT is fairly standard as well. Just hold the power button until the indicator LED blinks quickly and it will then enter pairing mode.

Upon the first part of my usual songs are heard, I realized that the frequency response is not particularly something that everyone likes. It is more focused towards bass – again, but it does not pack a punch that we all come to expect. It does not distort, but the bass is just not powerful.

Then comes the vocals which gets muddled up with the low frequency as well. The mids are somewhat okay, and the highs do not sparkle. Though for electronic music, I find it to be fairly decent.

Edifier W820BT

While connected with Bluetooth, the Edifier W820BT does have quite a noticeable amount of audio delay – about 0.5 seconds. Obviously this means that the Edifier W820BT is not ideal for mobile gaming where fast-paced action is needed.

Speaking of gaming, the built-in microphone is just terrible. Don’t use it.

However, I did not realize that I was wearing the Edifier W820BT after some time. It is comfortable and lightweight enough for my mind to completely ignore the fact that I am wearing something.

The battery life on the other hand, is fantastic. With a single charge, I used the Edifier W820BT for more than 10 hours and I still do not need to charge it.


Let’s just say that the Edifier W820BT is certainly affordable. At just RM199 at Edifier Malaysia’s official LazMall store, it does what it is advertised.

As for the sound quality, it is certainly something that leaves a lot more to be desired. It still sounds okay for general purpose, and for the price of only RM199, what more can you ask for?


  • Superior battery life
  • Able to operate with 3.5mm audio jack only


  • Microphone is sub-par

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