Gaming oriented peripherals are not new. Since we have gaming-oriented displays and headphones, it is not surprising that manufacturers would slap the “gaming” term onto a pair of speakers. Our sister site has recently reviewed the Edifier G2000 gaming stereo speaker and all in all, the overall experience has been pretty positive without any jarring issues.

Today, we shall be taking a quick look at another Edifier’s G-series gaming speaker system – the G7000. Unlike its smaller sibling, the Edifier G7000 comes in a massive box since the system is consists of a soundbar and a subwoofer.

Edifier G7000 Specifications

Driver Unit4 inch(101.6mm) *4 pcs
Bass Driver8 inch(203.2mm) * 1pcs
Power OutputR/L (Treble):18W+18W, SW:50W
Noise level≤25dB(A)
Frequency RangeR/L: 160Hz -20KHz
SW: 40Hz -160Hz

What’s in the box

  • Edifier G7000 soundbar
  • Edifier G7000 wireless subwoofer
  • 2x power adapter
  • 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable


Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 1

We are pretty used to the soundbar design when it comes to living room entertainment but a soundbar for PC is pretty much unheard of. (Creative Sound BlasterX Katana knocks on the door…) Now, why soundbar design is rarely seen on a PC speaker is because of the seating distant from the speaker is usually too close for an optimal stereo experience. That is, unless if the speaker drivers are well-arranged for proper output.

If you want to use the rubber feet that come with the Edifier G7000, it will contribute to a relatively tall chassis which might interfere with some monitors with short yet non-adjustable monitor stand. Do take note on the desk planning or else you might be looking for a box to prop up your monitor.

Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 5

The control buttons can be found at the top of the soundbar. Look closer, from left to right:

  • DTS enable/disable
  • DTS mode change
  • Lighting mode change
  • Power & input selection
  • Play/Pause
  • Volume down
  • Volume up

The positioning is not a bad thing just that the buttons are incredibly difficult to find and the illuminated indicator at the top is completely irrelevant to the buttons underneath it.

Quad Titanium Dome Drivers

Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 7

The soundbar has a total of four 4″ titanium dome drivers, two on each side. Despite the overall length of the soundbar is less than 60cm, which means the drivers are positioned pretty close to each another, the sound quality and especially the stereo listening experience is better than what I initially expected.

Multi-Input & Bluetooth Wireless

Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 9

At the back of the soundbar are a slew of input selections:

  • USB (built-in DAC)
  • 3.5mm AUX
  • RCA
  • Optical

Of course, the G7000 supports Bluetooth wireless audio as well.

Wireless Subwoofer

Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 11

The wooden subwoofer unit houses an 8″ bass driver and connects to the Edifier G7000 wirelessly. Even though you still need a power cable to power the subwoofer but both units can be placed individually in a room without having to worry about the connectivity between them.

Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 13

The bass level can be configured with the knob behind the woofer unit. Not the most convenient place so it is just like any other woofer unit, set and forget. The bass sounds way better than what the soundbar itself could have offered. That also translates to a better blockbuster gaming & movie audio experience.

DTS Sound Profiles

By default, the G7000 soundbar itself has a sparkling sound profile. It leans towards the treble side as it relies on the woofer unit to provide the bass. Combined together, they provide a rather pleasant sound for general music. Movies and games, however, felt a bit lacking in terms of the punchiness even though the direct front speaker placement benefits in throwing all the sound details at your face.

That brings us to the three built-in DTS sound profiles – Game, Music & Movie for different types of entertainment you’re consuming. I personally prefer the movie mode as it gives the most pleasing sound profile for my games and YouTube videos. While Game mode certainly increasing the bass but I don’t like the fact that it overpowers the trebles which have most of the intrinsic details. As for Music mode, I personally prefer a neutral sound profile instead.

RGB Lighting

Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 15

Last but not least, gaming is never complete without RGB. The Edifier branding on the soundbar module as well as the light strip on the woofer unit lights up and comes with built-in 13 RGB lighting modes controlled by one button. One thing to take note is that the lighting modes only apply to the soundbar’s logo. Which means the subwoofer’s light strip will just stay on light cyan. We’re not entirely sure why but I would’ve prefered if Edifier kept the G2000’s design with lights facing backwards to create a soothing glow.

Final Words

Review - Edifier G7000 Gaming Speaker 17

Before we wrap up the Edifier G7000 review, we have to discuss the price. Going through Edifier’s product catalogue, it is obvious that the company offers a plethora of different speaker choices. Retailing at RM1,299, this is falling under Edifier’s premium range of product. As we have previously reviewed plenty of Edifier’s product range, this seems underwhelming.

Sure, the Edifier G7000 stands proudly with its certifications and yes, it is capable of pushing the beats to a certain extreme point. However, things begin to change when you look at some of their other offerings such as the S350DB at the retail price of RM1,099, which is an excellent speaker system that would beat the G7000 any day.

Then again, I can’t really compare a soundbar to a 2.1 system consider that the S350DB requires the stereo units to positioned strategically, pointing directly at the user if they were to use it on their computer desk. Meanwhile, the G7000 soundbar can be placed directly at the front and straight away enjoy all the amazing sound effects in-game.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for gaming-oriented PC speakers that punch the sound right on your face, the Edifier G7000 is for you.


  • Heavy centre channel, great for blockbuster gaming & movies
  • Soundbar & wireless subwoofer, easy to setup
  • Multiple inputs
  • Punchy sound


  • Less than desirable RGB options
  • Control button arrangement require a redesign
  • Expensive

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  1. What do you think if comparing this with Creative Sound BlasterX Katana?

    RGB wise, Katana is nicer but sound wise I don’t have any demo unit to compare.

    So far, I’ve seen a Katana demo unit subwoofer box peeled off after a few years, last seen in ALL IT in KLCC on 2019.

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