Take a look at the industry right now. Gaming earbuds are all over the place – and the Cooler Master MH703 is one of them Cooler Master has a unique value proposition here and surely, there are people who prefer earphones rather than headphones because no one wants to get headphone hair all the time.

But how well does the Cooler Master MH703 perform – especially when the price is only RM139? Let us take a look at this review right here.


Product NameMH703
Warranty2 years
Driver Diameter10mm
Frequency Response20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity (@1kHz)100 dB ± 3 dB
InputMaximum 5mW
Cable Length1.3 m 3.5mm connector
0.3m 3.5m to dual 3.5mm cable
Connector3.5mm 4-pole jack
MaterialsSilicone ear tips with brushed aluminum chambers
Pick-up PatternOmni-directional
Frequency Response100-10,000Hz
Sensitivity (@ 1kHz)-42 ± 4dB
Signal to Noise Ratio58dB
Microphone TypeIn-line
In-line controller
1 click: Play/Pause, Pick up/hang up calls
2 clicks: next soundtrack
3 clicks: previous sound track


Cooler Master MH703

The overall packaging of the Cooler Master MH703 is still the typical Cooler Master packaging design. Black with purple accent and with white letters. At the front, we are only shown “multi-platform compatibility” as the main feature highlight.

Cooler Master MH703

At the back is where more details about the MH703 is shown. At the bottom left corner is also where the contents of the package is listed.

Cooler Master MH703

Opening up the box reveals the Cooler Master MH703 earbuds themselves alongside with a hard shell case that is wrapped in fabric. Nothing out of the ordinary was found in the box – because all of the other accessories are stuffed inside the hard shell case.

Cooler Master MH703

Here, you have the two more eartip sizes alongside with a cable splitter. This cable splitter is only used for devices that do not have a combo jack, like many desktops out there.

Cooler Master MH703

The overall design of the Cooler Master MH703 is pretty simple. It has a right-angled 3.5mm audio jack which is definitely great for smartphone gamers, and also an in-line microphone alongside with a single button. Though, it works on PowerAMP on my Galaxy S9 and not on the Spotify app.

Cooler Master MH703

That integrated button is meant for smartphone users as well – and as stated on Cooler Master’s website, you can perform these tasks:

  • Press once: Play/pause or pick/hang up calls
  • Press twice: Go next track
  • Press thrice: Go previous track

Other than that, the build quality of the Cooler Master MH703 is somewhat mediocre as the nylon braided cable is very thin and feels fragile overall.


I first plugged it in and let the earphones do the burn-in first. I played a random list of music for about 24 hours continuously to loosen the diaphragm. And damn I was surprised by the sound that the Cooler Master MH703 produces.

It sounds absolutely fantastic. I cannot fathom how enjoyable it was when I listened to I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. It was blissful and I repeated that track multiple times while wearing the MH703. It is just amazing to listen to.

Cooler Master MH703

The bass, treble, and vocals just magnificent. I listened to my all-time favorite album that – in my opinion – really tests the overall frequency response of an earphone/headphone/speaker – and that is Transistor‘s OST. Ashley Barrett’s sound alongside with the bass-heavy background music just sounds unexpectedly good on the MH703.

I also listened to a slew of classical music with the MH703 – and particularly with this track from The Nutcracker suite by Tchaikovsky, it sounds amazing. As an added bonus, Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Miracle Musical sounds blissful as well. No idea why but the MH703 is surprisingly good.

Then, I also tested the microphone. Once again, it actually sounds great – but the pickup pattern is problematic because of its position. It cannot pick up my voice loud enough, and with some background noise added to the mix, my voice is completely drowned.

Concluding the Cooler Master MH703 gaming earbuds review

For RM139, the Cooler Master MH703 has some tough competition as the Edifier GM3SE is priced at only RM149. While the Edifier GM3SE comes with a removable microphone – which obviously sounds better than having an in-line microphone – the Cooler Master’s MH703 has a clear advantage as its sound quality is just unfathomable. How did Cooler Master achieve this amazing at such a low price???

Cooler Master MH703

No joke – this is the best sound earphones I have ever tested for the low, low price of RM139 only. Of course, it has its shortcomings too.


  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Comes with a hard shell case with compartments for the accessories
  • In-line button and microphone
  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Feels fragile
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