Amidst the recent trend of mainstreaming the “next-gen PC building experience” by concealing cables, Cooler Master has introduced the new MasterBox 600 PC case to support this movement.

Cooler Master MasterBox 600 2

The case is designed to accommodate back-connected motherboards, such as ASUS’s BTF variants, which simplifies cable routing and enhances the overall build process. This feature streamlines cable management, resulting in a cleaner and more organized interior.

With its spacious internal design, the MasterBox 600 can house GPUs up to 410mm in length and CPU coolers up to 170mm in height, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of high-end components.

For cooling, the case supports up to seven 120mm fans, along with the option for either a top-mounted 360mm radiator or a front-mounted 240mm radiator. The fine mesh front panel provides excellent airflow, maintaining optimal temperatures for all internal components.

For those utilizing SATA SSDs and HDDs, the case includes space for up to two 3.5-inch HDDs (with a fully removable cage) and six 2.5-inch SSDs, offering ample storage options.

Pre-installed with three 140mm SickleFlow fans and one CF120 fan, the MasterBox 600 delivers effective cooling right out of the box, ensuring smooth and efficient system performance.

Price and Availability

For Malaysia, you can get the Cooler Master MasterBox 600 at RM439 or the Lite version at juts RM259. Both of them are available in the market starting today.


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