Cooler Master has happily announced that it has appointed MeerFly, a well-known rapper from Malaysia as its brand ambassador.

Cooler Master MeerFly as Brand Ambassador 1

In case you didn’t know, MeerFly has gained recognition for his distinctive style of blending traditional contemporary hip-hop beats and heavy-hitting yet socially conscious lyrics. Some of his hit songs that Malaysians might have heard of are Lai Lah, SIS, BossKu, and HAA TEPOK.

What’s even more fascinating is that not only does he excels in rapping and singing, but he also demonstrates his talent as a composer and songwriter, which is truly impressive.

Another fact of the day, MeerFly is also an enthusiastic gamer and has collaborated with Cooler Master in the past for the first “Cooler Master Empowering Stars” project together with Ghim Tech and Mushi.


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