Cooler Master Malaysia has finally brought in shipments of its CK720 customizable mechanical keyboard tailored towards the keyboard clackers (or thockers if you will).

Cooler Master CK720 1

While the mechanical keyboard hobby is a bit too niche back in the day, from 2020 onwards we have seen a lot of new products that are either fantastically designed or priced or both which makes the rabbit hole even deeper than beyond. With the CK720, Cooler Master is providing a safety net for those who are keen to try building their first custom board with a baseline of quality and feature set alongside the brand’s seamless integration with its own PC software.

For starters, the CK720 is a 65% compact form factor rocking a knob on the top right and features a removable sandblasted aluminum top cover resulting in a slick, cool silver colorway. The switches that come with the board are the Kailh Box V2 switches known for their dustproof design and decent molding consistency and as a custom board kit, it is hot-swappable with 5-pin support which means everything except optical and electrocapacitive switches can go in and work just fine.

For the stabs, they are pre-lubed out of the box with pre-installed dampening pads for stability and tick reduction while the usual OEM profile double shot PBT keycaps are part of the starting set. Oh yeah, if you’re a Mac user, be happy that it is MacOS compatible and all you need to do is to switch its mode from Windows via the FN+Right Shift key combo.

Price and Availability

At only RM299, this Cooler Master CK720 is available for purchase starting right now on platforms like Lazada and Shopee.


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