Cooler Master’s CMES 2023 event revealed a lot of new products from coolers and power supplies to cases and peripherals last but not least let’s look at some of the surrounding components that are not really about computing.


Cooler Master Tempest GP27Q GP27U

For starters, the brand will push out a couple of new monitors which are the quantum dot Mini LED displays Tempest GP27U and GP27Q. Both units are of the exact same size but in either 4K or 1440p resolution. Aside from the resolution, most of the other core specs are more or less the same with minimal difference (if any) such as the refresh rate at 160Hz (165Hz for GP27Q), 1ms response time, 99% Adobe RGB + 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, and up to 1200 nits of peak brightness in HDR mode.

Gaming Chairs

Cooler Master Motion 1

Cooler Master’s debut of the multimedia gaming chair arrives in the form of the Motion 1, a product born in collaboration with D-BOX that provides haptic to the entire chair unit for 4D-like feedback in games and other forms of supported entertainment format. Capable of producing more than 65,000+ different feedback, the seat is also designed with a wide range of mobility such as reclining, rocking, and pivoting.

Playing with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse? No problem. The Motion 1 takes this into account and will provide the necessary adjustments to the haptic feedback by working together with your Xbox/Playstation/Switch layout gamepads.

Cooler Master Hybrid 1

Shifting to the other side, the stealthy Hybrid 1 forgoes style in seek of the ultimate comfort and health driven aspects by giving it the MuscleFlex mesh that stretches across the high-density foam to generate a strong yet elastic material that can fit all forms of body sizes and shapes. With fully adjustable ergonomics, feel free to tilt back as far as 180-degree despite looking a bit uncomfortable since it looks more or less like a racing seat chair.

Cooler Master Caliber X2 R3

Fan favorite Caliber series also sees the addition of the Caliber X2 and R3 with the X2 now having refined lumbar support and memory foam for all-day support on top of thicker materials for a comfy posture while the R3 rocks a flashy tone of CM Purple together with the good points of the X2 integrated into it as well.

Gaming Desks

Cooler Master GD160 ARGB and Standard

The gaming desks department sees the introduction of the new GD160 ARGB dual adjustable table with motorized height adjustment to create the best height unique to each user. With plenty of room to work with, easily put dual monitor setup on the surface while the aluminum tray at the back and quick charge USB port make your life easier in general. The included smart controller will allow you to save RGB patterns and even the custom height to profiles so you can change it in a single click. What’s more, it can be connected to your PC to then sync with the MasterPlus+ app to unlock more RGB patterns synchronized across each of the supported peripherals.

On the other hand, the standard GD160 is for those who just want a do-it-all standing desk while keeping on a tight budget. The good news both units are rated to hold up to 100kg of load so feel free to put all your gears on it, keeping your leg area as clean as possible.


Cooler Master Storm Controller and Cradle

Clearing the queue, at last, is the new Storm Controller created with multi-platform gaming in mind. As a wireless device, you may connect up to 3 devices with one of them running Android and you can get into a seamless transition in terms of controlling your game in a literal switch. With up to 40 hours of use time off a single full charge, the hand sculpted with anti-slip texture and powerful haptic feedback make it great for all sorts of game categories. If needed, the optional cradle provides a more comfortable on-the-go gaming form factor, especially for cloud gaming.


With no announced launch window for all of these, the price figures at least are given to us so at least there are some references.

  • Tempest GP27Q @ USD499
  • Tempest GP27U @ USD799
  • Motion 1 @ USD2,299
  • Hybrid 1 @ USD499
  • Hybrid M @ USD699 – 799 (Still TBC)
  • Caliber X2 @ USD399
  • Caliber R3 @ USD299
  • GD160 ARGB @ USD799
  • GD160 @ USD349
  • Storm Controller @ USD39.99
  • Storm Controller Cradle @ USD19.99

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