Over at CES 2023, Cooler Master has decided that it is high time to announce that they are moving into the full prebuilt desktop scene but they are gonna do it in style. Welcome, the Advanced Systems series by CM.

These new desktop PCs will be categorized into 3 different segments: ‘Be Excellent’ which focuses purely on performance and cooling, ‘Be Different’ where personalization and thematic builds are the name of the game, and lastly ‘Be Creative’ which has no clear definition as of now but the member has the brand’s signature Cosmos Infinity debuting in a 30th-anniversary edition gown.

Cooler Master Cooling X

Starting with the Cooling X, they are setting the entire case to compliment the processing components where a full liquid-cooling loop is connected to the side panel so yes, the side panel is the radiator in this ‘case’ (pun intended).

Cooler Master Cooling X 2

The entire water channel runs along the panel in a closed loop and there are no actual fan units stuck to the side panel so this is actually passive cooling to a degree where one can enjoy powerful CPU and GPU performance with a rig that doesn’t sound like a jet engine. Pretty neat!

Cooler Master Sneaker X

Moving to Sneaker X, the bold taste was taken and inspired by the winners of the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series tournament. Looking absolutely gorgeous and unique, it takes in an ITX motherboard, SFX power supply, and AIO cooler to reduce any possible chonky units popping out of places that they shouldn’t be. And not to be fooled, CM also made sure the bottom of the case has enough space to fit a 360mm radiator so yeah, more thermal headroom for high-performance parts.

Cooler Master Shark X

The Shark X is a bit of a weird ball here as we don’t see any components exposed to the open and it looks as thin and small as one could assume. Even Cooler Master didn’t share a lot of information about it so gotta wait for a bit for it.

Cooler Master Mini X

Lastly, the Mini X lineup is a very special case that takes the modularity topic perhaps a little bit too seriously as all panels – front and back, top and bottom, side by side – are swappable in order to create the one pattern that speaks to you. The internals is your standard ITX form factor layout but is guaranteed to fit the latest NVIDIA or AMD GPUs.

Cooler Master Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition

Wrapping up the list is the Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary Edition with extra RGB flair on the front panel and chroma-colored aluminum handles to spice up your gigantic rig with a tone of celebration and majesty.


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