Sunset photography, it may seem easy where you simply point the smartphone camera at the setting sun and press the shutter button. However, with a few extra steps, your shot will look a lot more attractive than the regular run-and-gun photos.

Read on for a few quick smartphonegraphy tips on how to take really nice looking sunset landscape image.

HDR Mode

Enable HDR mode

As the camera app on our smartphones is getting smarter generation by generation, many of us started to rely on the Auto mode on the app for our everyday shots. While you may get really nice looking photographs with the default mode but a simple switch on the camera settings will drastically improve the look and feel of the final image.

 Auto mode, not impressed. Dark foreground and boring colours.

The problem with the auto mode is the brightness adjustment. Since we are shooting a landscape with bright sunlight in the background, the camera app will tend to underexpose the foreground objects.

HDR mode

With HDR mode enabled, the photo now looks a lot different from the previous one. What the camera app did is combining several shots with different exposure to produce a final image with equally bright foreground and background.

Colour modes

 Pick a colour profile and make the colours pop.

When you shoot under bright sunlight, the colours would seem washed out and doesn’t look that interesting. While third-party photo editing apps can adjust the colour saturation, but most of the camera apps out there supports custom colour profile so that you can capture the photo you have in your mind.

The green and yellow are a lot more vivid which in turn, makes the whole photo looks more lively.

Sunset Smartphonegraphy Gallery:

Now your camera is ready for some action, what’s left is to pick the best location and time for the shot. As photography is a form of an individual’s artistic expression, you can actually go crazy with your ideas and concept for the shot.