Synology has announced the latest member of its C2 cloud application lineup – the C2 Backup.

Synology C2 Backup Recovery

A fresh alternative for those looking to centralize file protection of multiple devices, the C2 Backup is designed for Windows systems to allow users to backup safely and securely whether they are performed at home or within business offices. To emphasize the amount of security they have committed, the C2 Backup utilizes end-to-end AES-256 encryption with a user-held private key that is compulsory for backup file unlocks or access to sensitive information.

To keep the resource game within check, the servers and software use the incremental backup method that only modifies blocks that have been changed, further speeding up the backup process more efficiently and the retention preferences can be configured on a personal or corporate basis, depending on the use case. Not only the retention policy can be changed, but event triggers can also be included to initiate backups such as screen locking, account logout, or device power-up. In the events of device failure, data loss, or even ransomware attacks, it can also quickly deliver the files needed for a full recovery or if needed, perform a full hard disk image copy so you basically get your device back to where it was. All of these are hosted within a portal completed with a clean design and understanding label to facilitate the management and system restore process better.

Subscription Types and Pricing

Available in plans of Individual and Business, the annual subscription rate starts from a measly USD2.50 per month for 300GB of data or under USD8.50 for up to 2TB, and for business use, Microsft 365 users can also backup files through Exchange Online too. Additionally, there is no device limit under each subscription so as long as you keep the backup quota in check, run it on as many devices as you like.


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